I chose Replica Cartier Love Ring

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 14th, 2017

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

If you choose one of the most attractive ring, you will choose that one? Everyone’s love for jewelry is different, and my favorite jewelry is Replica Cartier Love Ring. This is a very attractive jewelry, for me, it is very useful for several years because I chose this ring as my Wedding ring. It is a lifetime for me. Today we come to introduce the charm of this ring.
France jeweler Replica Cartier Ring has just launched a new season of fine jewelry series, inspired by the France Renaissance architectural details, such as the Catholic Church dome, Roccolo castle window styling, Venice “Governor’s Palace” patterns, such as pillars, designer refines perfectly symmetrical flower pattern, to interpret Renaissance decor through hollow and precious stones.
The new attempt of a wealth of precious stones, respectively, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethyst, aquamarine, opal, etc., as the main stone. Since the main dome “San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane” is oval, mostly these main stone oval cut, emerald cut, pillow-shaped cut with echoes around the main stone flower shape is used hollow design, with bright Diamond outline petals meandering contours.
Replica Cartier Love Ring series using a delicate hand carving, you can see the fiber-dense lines on gold ring care, in addition to this series also continues the Buccellati good Tulle process, by fine hand-carved to mimic Renaissance lace fabric. Jeweler first carved on the full sequin hole, then hollow out the pentagonal honeycomb shape, the last of each hollow side were polished.
“San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane ‘is located in Rome, using a cross-shaped dome designed by oval main dome and four vice-dome composition, appreciate it as a flower blooming quatrefoil, we’ Roccolo castle from the central church “The window frames, decorative pillars” Governor’s Palace “can also be seen in the similar design elements, Replica Cartier Love Ring announced a new Logo also uses this symmetrical flower pattern.

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