Replica Cartier Ring has just launched Replica Cartier Love Ring

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 14th, 2017

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Each brand of new jewelry is always able to attract a lot of people’s attention, and Replica Cartier Ring recently launched a new ring also attracted a lot of people’s attention. Everyone is concerned about the latest trends Replica Cartier Ring, and Replica Cartier Ring will also launch a new ring.
Replica Cartier Rings has just launched a series of new season Replica Cartier Love Rings works, publishing three exquisite rounded Replica Cartier Rings. New work still to maneuver yellow gold as the main element, lap lightweight compact design, also suitable for use with wide-brimmed Replica Cartier Love Rings series match.
Replica Cartier Love Rings series draws inspiration from Replica Cartier Jewelry in Round Bead Setting Technique, as early as the 1920s, Replica Cartier Jewelry had to try to handmade Kim as a decorative gemstone edge, so that the works have a softer contour lines, and more add gem reflected light, Replica Cartier Love Rings word in French is beaded meaning.
This element has been extended in a number of series of Replica Cartier Jewelry – – 1948 release of “Couscous” series stars Kim to make use of the small strap and Ring; “Twist” 1960 series uses the intertwined beaded shape; the most famous “Alhambra” series with a four-leaf clover shape ornament balls edge; Replica Cartier Love Rings will be endless stretches of the ball as the theme of this series.
The new work, there are three optional materials, respectively, 18K gold, white gold and rose gold. Jeweler first make a thin ring as a base, then polished Kim completed sequentially fixed on the outside of the ring, the last one by one for Kim careful polishing, showing a bright mirror-like sheen. Replica Cartier Jewelry design also corresponds to the slider a ball shape, easy to wear Ring.

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