Film Festival Delivery Requirements Are Better Delivery By Professionals

Posted by deliverables on August 16th, 2017

A film festival is a big stage where you can show your production to wider audience. Film festivals attract critics and distributors from all over the world so you have to present your film in all seriousness or it may become a damp squib. There are several things that a film festival screening of your film would need and you will require the services of a company which will provide you with the film festival delivery requirements of your film.  After you have locked the picture, mixed the sound and timed the color it is time for the festival deliverables. Whichever venue you are scheduled to go you must prepare your film for the screening and the film festival delivery requirements services are the one you will delegate to finish the job.

If you enquire in knowledgeable circle in the film festivals they will quote a stupendous 80 steps that a film maker is required to complete to prepare the film for the festival screening. Now films have taken a shift towards the digital format and the industry has witnessed 35mm movies go digital entirely. The shift has taken place in the last four years and film festivals now rarely see 35mm films so it has become apparent that you to follow the cue and commence the services of the film festival delivery requirements company to change your film format so it can be screened in theatres that projects digital formats. It is possible to make a DCP by you, but it is not advisable because you will end up making a hash of it as it is highly technical and should be left for experts to deal with.

The DCP or digital cinema package has now taken over from the HDCAM tapes because of their superior quality and comparably lower costs. Now theatre releases primarily prefer the digital format and that is what the film festival theatres require from the producers most of the time. There are many online programs being offered which could tempt you to make the DCP yourself but a professionally done job is always unbeatable and will have complaints whatsoever about quality when they are screened in the film festival theatres.


The article is about Film festival delivery requirements and the companies that offer the services when you need to change format of your film which is to be screened in a film festival.



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