Planning To Buy Professional Table Tennis Table? Your Buying Guide For Table

Posted by marryvoges on August 16th, 2017

Table tennis is one of the most loved indoor games. This thrill of closing the matches with tight smashes is incredible and only a ping pong lover can understand it. If you are in a serious relationship with table tennis then you must have thought some or the other time to buy table and rackets to make the game more accessible to play. Any ping pong lover would want to have all the necessary equipment at home to enjoy the game at any point of time without any worries. All you need is a friend or family to play with you.

If for long you have wanted to buy professional table tennis table for your home but didn’t took the plunge due to lack of awareness then keep on reading. In the rest part, we will talk about all the relevant information you need to keep in mind to buy the right kind of table tennis equipment.

Table Tennis Table

The exact dimensions of a genuine professional table tennis table are 274 cm x 152.5 cm. Make sure that the place where you are planning the place the table is spacious enough to accommodate the table and play game comfortably. At national level tournaments a standard court measures 12 m * 6 m but make a comfortable play area; you should be sure about 7 m * 5 m to accommodate the equipment and players easily.

To have a perfect table tennis table, keep these points in mind regarding the build of table tennis table.

●Check out the quality of legs of the table to ensure that they are strong and properly finished for long term use.

●Ping-pong ball bounces perfectly on a 25 mm thick table top. But starters can do away with a slightly thinner top too. It is advisable to not go below 21 mm thickness.

●Make sure that the table is of perfect measurement and has an absolute flat surface with no slopes.

Table Tennis Racket

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, table tennis racket blade should consist of at least 85 percent natural wood. Also consider the composition of composite and the number of layers as per your playing technique.

A lighter blade is preferred for fast players and heavier blades are used to generate greater power and spin.

Choose long pips table tennis rubber as per your playing as its thickness affects the control, spin and speed of the ball.

Along with above two crucial equipment, buy a ping pong balls which  is in compliance with ITTF rating standards. And buy a standard net which is 6 feet long and 6 inches high.

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