Advantages of using cork tiles

Posted by Brian Miller on August 16th, 2017

Cork tiles have gained huge interest in recent times because of many reasons. Cork is completely natural and renewable material. Cork flooring is durable, healthy and safe as well. If you think about the comfort, cork floors score high in this regard as well.

Cork is one of the most sustainable solutions in today’s world as it is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. Manufacturers harvest it sensibly so that it does not affect the natural balance of our environment. This ‘green’ material is extremely durable. The tiles do not crack easily and quite resistant to abrasion. The material is impermeable to gas and liquid as well. The surface has the quality of bouncing back and therefore even if it gets indents, it gains its original shape soon.

There are quality manufacturers that offer cork tiles at a variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes. If you maintain it properly, following the instructions of the manufacturer it can serve you for nearly forty years. Cork is resistant to termites, mold and mildew and therefore the healthiest option one may have for their home. You can be sure of a fresh and pure air indoor when you have cork flooring. In general, cork is fire resistant, and even if it catches fire at very high temperature, it emanates less smoke and the smoke is less toxic than any other polymeric floor.

Cork floors are extremely comfortable. It feels warm during cold weather and naturally cool during summer. The little bouncing effect gives a soft and cushioned effect when walking barefoot.

When you have so many advantages of using cork as flooring material why should your restrict yourself from installing it in your home or commercial establishment? We can assure you that cost will not be the dampening factor. There are wholesalers who supply you the material in a wide range of configuration at a cost that is unbelievably cheap. No middleman is involved and you get your supplies directly from the manufacturer. No additional cost has to be paid to people who would supply the material to you. Go to the website of the supplier, see what is there on offer and select the material as per your requirements. The material will be sent to your address within few days.

Other than floating floors and tiles, cork underlayment is also quite popular among home owners. This acts as the best soundproofing material and it has commercial use as well. These are easy to install and available in a range of thickness (3, 6 and 12mm). You can also use cork wall tiles for your home-based studio or music room for the best listening experience.

Cork flooring looks aesthetically pleasing and you can choose them either in tiles  or planks. The colors available are Golden Beach, Desert Arable, Black Beach, Brown Birch, Shadow Black, Caramel Swirl, Brown Leather, Silver Birch, Taupe Leather, Brown Salami and more. Floating cork floors in thickness of 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, and cork tiles in 4, 6 and 8mm are available with the wholesaler and you can order anytime informing them of your requirements.

Installing cork tiles becomes easy when you have good installers available. Cork flooring has many advantage over other materials.

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