Will you consider cork flooring tiles for your bathroom?

Posted by Brian Miller on August 16th, 2017

Many homeowners will not even listen to the suggestion of using cork flooring tiles in their bathroom or kitchen. But, they are perhaps not aware of the facts that cork being used as the best bathroom flooring and worries only about its durability in an area that receives water every day.

Solid cork tiles can be installed in bathrooms, kitchen or basement floors if you follow the installation procedures. These tiles can be glued down to the subfloor without leaving any gap for layer of vapor. The entire floor then can be considered as a solid piece. However, this is not enough. The places should have a moisture percentage less than 60%. Therefore, the tiles have to be sealed properly if you want the benefit of a long lasting floor. There are polyurethane coats that are to be applied on the tiles to make them completely sealed off. This sealing has to be done multiple times to make the floor seams completely water repellent.

You will have to ensure that the cork tiles do not bend causing the surface to bend slightly that may cause the seams to break off. Because, once there is a gap, water will seep in causing permanent damage to the floor. The adhesive may come off taking the floor tiles with it. But, there are tile installers that can take care of the sealing process quite efficiently. The perimeter of the floor can be then sealed with a silicone layer.

The cork flooring tiles available these days are structurally quite strong and pose little challenge of bending or cracking. The vapor barrier below the tiles and the UV-cured polyurethane layer on top make the cork tiles the best bathroom flooring you can have. Before installation, find out whether the manufacturer recommends it for use in bathroom and kitchen area.

Cork has some advantages that make them a good choice as bathroom tiles. It has a natural resistance to moisture. It feels nice and warm to walk on that no ceramic or stone tile will give you. If a tile is damaged, it can be easily replaced by new one instead of replacing the entire section. Cork is resistant to mold and mildew growth and therefore your bathroom will be clean and fresh all the time.

With these considerations in mind you can opt for cork floors for your kitchen and basement area as well. The only precaution to be maintained will be to make the floor properly sealed to restrict the entry of moisture and water.

All you have to do is to source your cork flooring tiles from a reliable manufacturer that makes cork tiles and planks to be used as best bathroom flooring. Cork floors are undoubtedly the most elegant and natural material that you can use in your home and now can use them in your bathrooms to get the best value from it. Remember to keep the floor dry and clean and do not let water stand on the floor for long if you want to use them for a really long time.

Consider cork as the best bathroom flooring material. This type of cork flooring tiles are best for wet areas if installed properly.

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