Benefits of cork underlayment and wall panels

Posted by Brian Miller on August 16th, 2017

Beauty isn’t just about what can be seen, it is intrinsic. Cork underlayment, or flooring or cork wall panels bring in this intrinsic aesthetic quality to your home. Apart from being cost effective, it is the most eco-friendly building material. It is sustainable and renewable. And, it also helps in insulating and soundproofing. There are many benefits of using cork as the material for underlayment or walls.

Cork as an underlayment
As an underlay, cork can be used to set up both floating floors and glued down floors. It doesn’t curl when adhesive is applied. Cork underlay requires water-based construction adhesives. There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to have a solid underlay. First of all, let the moisture in the glue dry up before applying it and secondly, the cork underlay requires a medium to be glued to the cement slabs if the floors are to be kept stable. Directly sticking it on the slab below will result in lifting of the underlay glued with water-based adhesives, as the moisture evaporates from the slabs. Cork underlayment is excellent for sound control from one level to another. On this account, it is used in buildings as well. It can be used as an underlay for cork floors and hardwood, tile, marble and laminate floors as well.  

Cork as wall panels
The beauty of using cork as wall panels is in its natural tones and texture. No two panels are the same. Each is unique and it allows for the homeowner to give their walls a designer look without really spending that much. Cork’s natural properties make the walls hypoallergenic and rid the ears of noise from other rooms. There is lesser chance of getting injured if you accidentally collide with the wall panel as it is softer than other materials. It doesn’t allow mold or mildew to grow as cork is resistant to moisture.

The room will also have an insulating effect with cork wall panels. These panels can come in shades of brown. You will find slates and grays also embedded along with the brows. It gives depth and warmth to the walls and to your rooms. Agglomerated cork backing is used on which softer natural cork is applied. This is what gives the wall the panel its strength and softness, all at once.

Wall panel and underlayment made from cork are available quite easily. Moreover, it doesn’t burden your budget much. It saves your cost and the environment. You can breathe in a house made from cork building materials without worrying about inhaling toxic emissions. Cork has gained approval from the Condo associations and made a good impression on the LEED credits for being renewable, having soundproofing qualities and low emission. So, it’s both eco-friendly and stands good as a building material.

Keeping all the above benefits in mind it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to choose cork wall panels and cork underlayment as building materials for your house. You won’t be guilty of killing trees to make your home by using cork. It will be a safe, warm and noise free home for you.

The benefits of using cork underlayment and cork wall panels make cork a good choice as a building material.

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