Fusion floating cork floors versus best vinyl planks, cork wins

Posted by Brian Miller on August 16th, 2017

If you are looking for good flooring options then why look at best vinyl plank flooring – there is fusion floating cork floors to add a unique look to the living space. Moreover, vinyl plank flooring is usually best available in a combination of vinyl with cork. So, it’s best to eliminate the toxic materials completely and use fusion cork floors. A polypropylene product is used as the wear layer so, it looks like vinyl minus the off-gassing and negative environmental effects.

Why you need to give up on vinyl
Phthalate makes vinyl toxic. This chemical is present in almost all vinyl products and it is used to make vinyl flexible. Due to its adverse effects, the use of phthalate in children’s toy plastics have been banned. Used even in small amount, inhaling the vapor or getting exposed to the dust particles containing phthalates is extremely harmful for health. The surface layer of flooring tiles are tested by big brands and retailers on a regular basis. In such a test it was found that the presence of this chemical was approximately double of what was found in toys. Apart from effects on human health, even the best vinyl plank flooring isn’t good for the environment. The more it is used the more will be recycled in an unregulated and unscientific manner, leading to increase of toxic waste burden on our ecology. So, it is better to stay away from vinyl and choose cork floors.

Choose fusion cork floors – beautiful, healthy and cost effective
Cork is a cost effective flooring option but so is vinyl. So, why cork? The answer is simple. Using cork saves your health and the environment. There are no toxic elements in cork, no off-gassing issues, absolutely negative carbon footprint and it is sustainable and recyclable. Using cork doesn’t put a pressure on the environment at all.

Fusion cork flooring uses a polypropylene upper layer, which is completely safe. This eliminates the need to use refurbishments on the cork floors. It gives a look and flexibility to the floating floor and you don’t need to be afraid to breathe in a room with floating cork floors. These floors can be used with a cork underlay as well. It will give the room a warm and soundproof effect. Fusion cork comes with the advantage of low maintenance, in comparison to traditional cork floating floors. This type of flooring is preferred at high traffic areas used with seam sealer on splash zones.

The wear layer in fusion cork floors makes it highly resistant to wear, fading and stain. This floating floor will be easy to maintain. It will require vacuum or sweeping and to clean it further, you can use a laminate floor cleaner. It has the look and feel of a laminate floor but saves you from the negative effect of vinyl flooring.

So, if you are thinking about choosing the best vinyl plank flooring for your house, think again. Keep in mind all the points we have discussed about and select a healthier and safer option – fusion floating cork floors.  

Install fusion floating cork floors after considering the negative effects of best vinyl plank flooring.

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