Pillow-shaped ultra-thin hollow self-winding Tourbillon imitation Cartier jewelr

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The process of the palace count super thin hollow automatic on the tourbillon Piaget in the 25th Geneva International Senior Watch Fair, once again show the ultra-thin complex functional movement of the culmination of the skill. Brand released the world's most slim hollow self-winding Tourbillon watch Emperador Coussin 1270S, the case is only thick 8.85 mm, witness the count in this subtle crafty hall, no one can and extraordinary realm. This piece of hollow style highlights the movement of the upper and lower inverted structure, to the full of contemporary aesthetics, so watch proudly among the Black Tie series to become another classic. Pillow-shaped ultra-thin hollow self-winding Tourbillon imitation Cartier love bracelet movement 1270S thickness of 5.05 mm, should be the characteristics of the pillow case and specially designed and developed. Movement to the senior watch unique modification details of the retouching, exquisite mechanical structure at first sight, from the dial block, show the perfect structure of the movement. Earl Black Tie series usher in the new Emperador Coussin 1270S watch, to only thick 8.85 mm slim figure, refresh the hollow on the tourbillon class ultra-thin record, is bound to make the unique watch watch collectors rush. The new work has two different styles, including the exquisite luxury platinum version and the classic rose gold version, both are equipped with gold movement. The series to the ingenuity of the shape of the case, the implementation of unique and bold elegance of the atmosphere, combined with the brand R & D of complex functional movement, easy to identify the design contrast extremely delicate retouching effect, declared to flow inside and outside the watch every inch Craftsmanship. The series reflects the count of the two culmination of the culmination of the brand blend of years, from simple to complex movement of the development of technology, as well as to create the original case of superior skill. In the torrent of the years, Black Tie series ushered in a variety of brand design and research and development of high-level watch gem. The new hollow Emperador Coussin 1270S is the count of the first ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement 1270P after another handed down masterpiece, more than a generation of classic predecessor more light and elegant. The ultimate ultra-thin hollow process Earl since 1957 has played the top attainments, master the ultra-thin movement produced by the superb skills to 27 ultra-thin movement works to create 15 slim records. To the vertical and horizontal half a century of extraordinary creativity, to lay its undisputed ultra-thin watchmaker status, crowned the technical knowledge of the Earl's unique aura. Even the most simple movement, when all the necessary parts to Replica Cartier jewelry Wujingjing, the basic structure is still called complex mechanical treasures, is a set of skills, patience and skilled cast from the crystallization of the effort. With the new simple or complex function movement have been available, the count of ultra-thin movement series increasingly rich face, which also includes six hollow works, representing the brand since the 1970s first published ultra-thin 9P movement hollow version Has been uphold the artistic creation so far. Hollow ultra-thin movement is a very exquisite craftsmanship, emphasizing the fine engraving fine metal, while lossless movement of durable mechanical structure and accurate and reliable function, only the most outstanding master carving craftsman can master Technology. Emperador Coussin 1270S breakthrough complex and meticulous high-level watch structure and automatic chain function derived from the technical limitations, in the cloud of manual winding hollow movement turned out to accomplish epoch-making masterpieces. This extraordinary movement is the result of three years of research and development, only 5.05 mm in the tiny space, loaded with 225 parts, and carefully woven by the craftsmen to make great efforts to ensure that the movement is correct. Complex original structure Sophisticated computing and meticulous research and development process, giving the unique shape of the unique movement of the 1270S eye-catching aesthetic. The movement thickness of only 5.05 mm, among the world's most slim hollow self-winding tourbillon movement of the ranks. In addition to the extraordinary style of the tourbillon, the movement up and down the structure of the structure so that platinum pendulum and table bridge from the surface at a glance. The eccentric miniature pendulum and the tourbillon are decorated with the "P" mark on behalf of the count, and the two are staggered into the lucky number "8", and the detailed polish effect is contrasted with the frosted matte table. Watch the front side of the world's unique mechanical structure, the various functional elements reflected in the eye, which includes the equivalent of the watch "motor" automatic winding system, the correction system, the gear set and eccentric hour and minute hand. 1270S movement mounted in the thickness of only 8.85 mm of the world's thinnest hollow self-winding Tourbillon watch case, its highly sophisticated watch retouching, through the sapphire crystal mirror and bottom cover at a glance. Top of the senior watch the art of finishing The ultimate exquisite miniature art, and the movement retouch details embraced each other, highlighting the traditional craft and www.topgifts.co contemporary design perfect fit, blooming pure fashion aesthetics. New Emperador Coussin with two different styles, the platinum version of the pointer, micro-pendulum Tuo, screws and Tourbillon frame on the refining of a touch of deep mysterious black, the release of fashion charm; and rose gold version is equipped with a unique all-gold movement , A unique timeless charm. Watch with the ultimate process of polishing, witness the count on the brand motto "always do better than the requirements" insisted. Among them, highlight the unique characteristics of the brand works of high-level watch the process, including the file for the manual chamfer modification and polished polished polished. Retouching process all completed by hand, which fine interior and exterior angle polished modification, especially pay attention to patience and ingenuity, only artisans with skilled skills, can only carve out the 1270S hollow movement of the king style. These top-level retouching process details include matte polished polished, hand-chamfered and glossy polished motherboards and table bridges; matte finish polished, chamfered and glossy trimmed rose gold tones; Curved corrugated matte finish, matte frosted and hand chamfer modified gear; rose gold screw; glossy polished screwdriver; matte finish and hand chamfer modified barrel, as well as manual chamfer modification and hand-carved tourbillon Frame bridge. So precious high-level watchmaking process and pure fashion aesthetics, do close to the diameter of 46.5 mm 18K rose gold or platinum pillow case, lined with brown or black crocodile leather strap with gold folding clasp, cast the Earl Another extraordinary masterpiece of art. Piaget Emperador Coussin Size: 46.5 mm 18K white gold or rose gold case Sapphire crystal table bottom cover Black or brown crocodile leather strap 18K white gold or rose gold folding clasp Equipped with self-made 1270S self-winding mechanical movement Function: hours, minutes instructions, Tourbillon set at 1 o'clock position Power reserve: about 40 hours Thickness: 5.05 mm (movement) and 8.85 mm (case) Movement frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz) Movement diameter: 34.98 mm (15 '' '1/2 method) Movement of precious stones: 35 stone Number of movement parts: 225 Movement decoration: high clock and image retouching sanding (Haute Horlogerie and Image) Platinum style: the motherboard to hand chamfering modified and matte polished polished, table bridge to hand chamfering treatment and matte polished polished, black PVD closed-hole screws, polished polished screw column, gear to matte polished, winding Box with chamfering modification and matte finish, black PVD coating automatic pendulum Tuo hand-painted chamfering treatment and matte finish polishing Rose gold style: the motherboard to hand chamfering modification and matte polished polished, table bridge to hand chamfering treatment and matte polished polished, rose gold closed hole screws, polished polished screw column, the gear to the matte polish, hair The box is chamfered and modified and the matte finish is trimmed. The rose gold machine is decorated with a hand-chamfered handle and a matte finish. Ref. G0A40041 (Platinum Style) RMB 1,620,000 Ref. G0A40042 (rose gold style) RMB 2,200,000 The above is the watch home professionals for everyone to bring the 2015 frontline information of the latest SHHH, then we will offer more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention. 

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