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Naturopathy- The Best Cure for Various Diseases and Conditions

Posted by joannekennedy in Health on August 17th, 2017

What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of alternative medicine that involves treating various diseases and conditions without the use of typically prescribed medication. With naturopathy, diseases and conditions are treated through lifestyle change and natural therapies such as a controlled diet, exercise, herbal medicine and natural techniques to reduce stressors on the body. Focusing on the improvement of overall physical and psychological well-being, the key focus of naturopathy is healing the body naturally through identifying and treating the underlying cause of health issues.

Addressing the cause of your health issues via Naturopathy

Typically, when a patient is suffering from an illness or has concerns about their health, they visit a doctor for an assessment of their condition. While it’s important to seek medical attention if you are concerned about your health, the common solution of prescription medication is often focused on treating symptoms, instead of addressing the cause of a person’s health issues.

In addition to not addressing the cause of a person’s health issues, taking prescription medication to relieve the symptoms of a condition can have serious side effects including addiction, nausea and the emergence of secondary health issues. These side effects and focus on treating symptoms instead of treating the cause is what has prompted people to seek holistic treatments for their health issues through a naturopath or nutritionist. Sydney is home to several leading naturopaths who specialise in treating a variety of diseases and conditions, each with their own specialties.

Joanne Kennedy, a degree qualified naturopath in Sydney CBD has helped hundreds of patients with chronic and complicated health issues. With a focus on helping her patients gain control of their health, Joanne Kennedy develops natural healing treatment plans that address the underlying cause of illnesses.
Consultations and treatment

An initial consultation with Joanne Kennedy involves getting to know your body to identify the underlying cause of your health issues. In this consultation, you will be asked about your health issue of concern, medical history, diet, lifestyle and previous treatments you may have tried. Through consultation and testing, if required, a holistic plan for healing your health issues will be provided.

With a tailored approach for each client, working with Joanne Kennedy, the best naturopath in Sydney, will educate you on the most effective holistic treatment plan to address your health issues. Her areas of expertise include women's health; stress, fatigue and insomnia; anxiety and depression; gut and digestive health; histamine intolerance, and MTHFR gene mutation.

While some may think that a natural approach to healing is unscientific, the ability for patients to regain their health through committing to this holistic approach results in patients regaining their health and feeling like the best version of themselves.

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