International standard for the volume density of firebrick

Posted by annesheldon on August 17th, 2017

China refractory brick is divided into ordinary clay refractory bricks, dense clay refractory bricks, high-density clay refractory bricks, silica bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, aluminum-magnesium carbon brick, the bulk density of different, some soft, and some hard.

According to the different types of raw materials used in the production of refractory bricks, the density of the refractory bricks china is different. The general refractory is measured at the factory before the bulk density and bulk density: the ratio of the mass of the dried product to its total volume, expressed in g / cm3 , The bulk density index is the main indicator of the degree of product density, high density, you can reduce the external slag and other invasive.

Ordinary clay refractory bricks are generally 1.8 ~ 2.0g / cm3, dense clay refractory bricks are generally 2.05 ~ 2.20g / cm3, high dense clay refractory bricks are generally 2.25 ~ 2.30g / cm3, silica bricks are generally 1.80 ~ 1.95g / cm3 , Magnesium bricks are generally 2.60 ~ 2.70g / cm3, aluminum and magnesium.

Carbon brick is generally 2.90 ~ 3.00g / cm3, the product of the bulk density index is the product volume and the composition of the comprehensive reflection of the composition of minerals, because it is easier to measure, in production is usually used as a means to determine the degree of sintering products.

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