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Posted by Linda Share on August 17th, 2017

 All marketers know that creating a good website and having a professional online presence is the key to being online and capturing the audience’s attention. However, not every website will do, because if you want to generate sales and leads, you have to focus on crear landing page. Those who are unaware of how it is done should know there are great tools available that will make the process easier and quite fun. You can put your imagination in action and design a landing page that attracts all the attention. Another way of keeping in touch with the customers and knowing their reactions is by contar personas and evaluating their presence in a shopping store.

Do you know why it is so important to crear landing page? It might look like any other website, but it has other functions and it is operated differently. In the marketing world, landing pages are used to convert visitors into actual buyers by convincing them to take a certain action, to click on pages or images that show up. If you have an intuitive and catchy landing page, then a visitor is more likely to make a purchase, to subscribe to your newsletter or take any other action that you are expecting. Websites are more complex and require navigation, but the landing page is a single page that has one target, getting users to click on it.

There are a few important features of a landing page, including promoting a certain action and showing users the benefits they can get once the action is taken. The design of the page has to focus on supporting the main objective and this means that in essence, it has to be simple and clean, not creating confusions and not being too complex to understand. Viewers don’t want to spend too much time on a page, a visual, they want to get to know the content fast, but in the same time, they like to be intrigued and that is why some effort should be put in crear landing page.

More to it, the landing page shouldn’t be too long and it should be in one page and not divided in multiple sections. However, this depends on each brand and marketer, how they prefer and what actions they want to employ. The page’s message must be represented in images and buttons and they all should be powerful and captivating. Crear landing page from scratch is not easy, as you must start somewhere and you might not have a clue about it. The good news is that you can find great tools online, the ones that will provide examples and formats, so you can simply edit, drag and drop images and text and get the job done faster than you expected.

There are many useful and powerful templates available, so you don’t have to waste time on thinking about what to design, not to mention that you need dedicated software and knowledge in this case as well. Online, you can find amazing tools, even for contar personas, to get a clear image on how many people visit your store, how much time they spend there and what improvements can be made. Contar personas can be done virtually and there is no need to let customers know that you are monitoring them.

Do you want to crear landing page? This amazing tool will come in handy. Why not look over the ways of contar personas as well?

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