Honor Society: Why Should You Join Them & How To Choose One?

Posted by hawthorn on August 17th, 2017

To perform well academically in college is a great achievement. Maintaining a high GPA shows the tremendous dedication and self-discipline of a student. As earning grades in college is an accomplishment, several high scoring students attract the attention of honor societies.
There are chances that you have been offered a membership to any of such societies, and you may have even deleted that email. But, here we tell you a few reasons for which you should accept it.

An excellent opportunity

Membership to a legitimate honor society is actually a matter of honor. Such invitations don’t come easily which reflect academic excellence and outstanding campus leadership.

Meet new people

Joining an honor society gives you an opportunity to meet new people and other dedicated students who share similar academic goals with you. They are also a potential platform to introduce you to individuals who can motivate you.

Involvement in campus

Getting in campus activities is a matter of value and importance. By doing so, you will be able to say proudly about something you were involved after you pass out. An honor society is a highly regarded way to become part of a campus organization.

How to choose an honor society?

 ACHS – The Association of College Honor Society is a national organization that certifies honor societies meeting the highest standards. Make sure that the society you are considering is a member of ACHS.

 You may even directly call the honor society from which you have got an invitation to confirm whether it is a member of ACHS or not.

Make sure that the website of the honor society provides the full list of available national officer and staff. In addition, the criteria, benefits, membership fee, bylaws, etc. have been displayed on their official website.

Make sure that the organization you are planning to join offers something that states that the campus you attend has verified your qualification to join. Never trust solely on online application.

Confirm that the honor society is a non-profit organization. There are cases when honor societies portray themselves as a non-profit, but they are not. Check the annual report of the society on their website which offers financial information.

Hope this quick guide will help you convince to join an honor society, and you won’t find any difficulty in finding one.

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