Bad Impacts of Diamond Mining on Nature

Posted by Laxmi on August 17th, 2017

The demand for diamond jewelry is at its peak time. People are in love with diamonds and are therefore investing in diamond jewelry. The business of wholesale diamond jewellery in India has also boomed due to the increased demand for the diamonds. The increased demand has resulted in an increase in the ways for extracting the diamond from the surface of the earth.

To meet up the requirements of the people and to sustain in the growing competition, the diamonds dealers are now in a need to be full of diamond availability at all times. As a result of the same, the diamonds dealers are extracting the diamonds with an increased activity of mining. The diamond dealers have increased the mining activity so as to meet the need of increased diamonds.

Diamond Mining

Though the increased activity of mining has resulted in meeting the increased diamond needs it has drastically impacted the environmental conditions. According to diamonds fact, some of the issues about the environmental degradation that requires immediate attention are as follow:

  1. Degradation of natural resources: The very common problem that diamond mining causes on the environment is that of depletion of the natural resources. The mining activity causes the land to be mined really deep which many time causes the removal of lakes and small water bodies. Along with this, the mining causes the degradation in the land quality because of continuous action of mining.
  2. Pollution: The machinery used for mining process impacts the environmental conditions by causing a lot of pollution in surroundings. The main pollution caused by the mining activity is air pollution. The mining activity emits a lot of dust particles which in turn causes a lot of air pollution. On the other side, the mining process sometimes causes the removal of water bodies which also causes water pollution.
  3. Open pits: Open pits is the very basic problem that is caused by mining. The parties involved in mining leaves the pits open after extracting diamonds. These open pits not only causes degradation in the land resources but also becomes the cause of many accidents as there are chances that people and land animals may fall in the open pits. These open pits are also used for collecting waste materials which in return causes bad impact on the environment and its surroundings.
  4. Waste: Since, the mining process requires digging deep inside to extract the diamond, thus, this entire mining process causes a lot of waste. The sand or mud removed for digging the pits are kept unused here and there and is not recycled effectively. This generated waste again causes land, air, and water pollution.
  5. Climatic cycle: The unplanned and inadequate mining of diamonds is the main reason of causing drastic changes in the climatic cycle. The climatic cycle has become dis-balance and all the scheduled timings of the natural climates have changed. Now, there is no specific timing for the occurrence of the different climates.

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