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Bringing together both illustration we can easily say that embroidery digitizing in USA is the process of digitizing creative art and design embedding in the USA. The process of converting recently available design logo into stitches that are embedded on surface and clothing is known as digitizing embroidery. Gone are the days when logo are manually embroidery into the surface,  nowadays before any beautifully crafted art can be integrated on a surface, it has to be digitizing. However digitizing is a more complex and instructions oriented process.



  1. Critically and careful analysis of your design:

For better work effectiveness and specifications, it is necessary for embroidery companies to examine carefully the content of your design i.e. fonts, colors to determine the duration and cost in which the work will be done.

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  1. Sketch outline:

After the checking and determination of specification of a file, an artist will manually and practically draw out the logo or design that is in the process of embroidery.

  1. Needle penetration path:

The path in which the need will follow will also be traced by the artist so as to leave space and careful digitizing embroidery of the logo.

  1. Careful monitoring of the stitching:

The placement of the clothing materials is monitored by the machine to make sure that the design embroidery digitizing is achieved without any bug or miss stitching.

Sometimes the specification of the digitizing is adjusted a little in the course of production so as to achieve the best result because in most cases an artist sketch doesn’t always have the best embroidery digitizing resultsCool and perfect design digitizing is as a result of proper and calmly done embroidery.

Sometimes people will ask what is about embroidery digitizing in USA and other countries how does it fair head to head?  Is it painstaking? Does it take the time to learn or accomplish?  Well at the initial stage of learning or going through the learning stages / the first-time embroidery, but with constant and usual practice is become very easy and less technical to most professional in that feed.


The history of design embroidery in the USA started with an introduction from Pilgrim mothers. The work done by the Indians were the first and remarkable embroidery art in about two – three century ago. A type of the first set of the embroidery design takes special attention at the porcupine quill embroidery made by the American Indian people. They took a little and unique diversion with the design of shirts and dressed in custom primary colors that are available at disposal then. The aftermath of this occurrence gradual on constant technology development in the USA and the world, in general, made embroidery digitizing in USA and the whole world a reality.

In relation to this prior development Smithsonian Institution located at Washington house a lot of this old memories.


The existence of embroidery was brought about increasing demands of a lot of design products and the world technology, and organization industrialization, the first set of the tool used is handling tool the use of just hands to manually craft the design before it was later industrialized by the creation of the first machine in Switzerland.


The classification of embroidery process can be justified based on the specified design of the intended design and also by the stitching steps observed, down to the line we can safely categories embroidery means into the following types: freestyle/surface, counted and needlepoint embroidering

Free or surface embroidering as the name implies is a digitizing embroidery method that doesn’t take regards of the texture and type of material that is placed underneath. Examples included the Japanese and the Chinese embroidery types.

Counted Embroidery is practiced continuously in a constant manner of stitching a particular surface over and over again to achieve firmness in the quality of design made this procedure is usually employed on materials like linen and fabric. Blackwork and cross-stitch are examples that can be related to this category of embodiments.

In needlepoint, deep and dense facilitation of design is the priority in the needlepoint design that will fully overhaul the foundation design structure.


The process by which automated or manual machinery are employed in sewing and doing embroidery is called machine embodiments. This method is employed whenever there is the demand of a large amount of design the need and urgency to use the machine for solving the issue is needed like previous detailed descriptions the machine embroidery also have types that are namely: free motion and computerized machine embroidery.

The free motion embroidery involves the use of custom sewing machines to imprint logo and design on surfaces regardless of the fact that this system is completely controlled manually,  it lacks basic features of the automatic process.

However, the computerized machine embroidery is a little bit advanced and automatic with self-embedded instructions of tracing and imprinting designs all by itself the. In this process, the only need of the machine is that the supervisor or user constantly replace the thread with the different and customized thread as specified by the sketched design as the machine has holes and default needle to utilize the thread itself. Whereas some other machines may possess more than one needle thereby allowing such machine to multitask and achieve a large amount of work in very short time. Even despite using of machine embroidery, embroidery digitizing in USA has provided jobs and opportunity for people all around the US.


Advancement in technology has made it also possible to have embroidery function in written computer language that will enhance computer systems to carry out embroidery task with the help of various available software some free and some paid software. Although most of this software all have system specifications as they individual have a specific computer operating systems that they are compatible,  examples of embroidery software includes: embroider modder, brilliance, Bernina, auto punch and thread to mention a few.

In conclusion, embroidery digitizing in USA has tremendously improved since the 18thcentury till present,  digitizing of embroidery process came about the constant development of technology both in the USA and all over the world. And also the use of technology in embroidery works and projects became a reality with customers increase demands in more technical and sophisticated designs. With some embroidery companies increasing in geometric proportion in the USA and all over the world digitizing embroidery has made task completion easy and less strenuous for workers and company owners.


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