This puts Miami's offense at NBA 2K18 MT Coins

Posted by Wen on August 18th, 2017

This puts Miami's offense at a disadvantage. There are NBA 2K18 MT Coins only 11 seconds left on the shot clock and Wade must not only back down his defender, but also the two defenders behind him who are in position to help.The Spurs trap Wade when he makes his move into the paint.

This forces him to pass out to James.There are now seven seconds left on the shot clock and James tries to pass the ball back in to Wade in the low-post. Leonard interrupts the pass, forcing the turnover which led to

Tony Parker's spinning layup on the other end and a three-point lead for the Spurs in the fourth.James should not have passed the ball back to Wade. James should have taken the shot in this situation. When Leonard recovered he positioned himself to stop James from driving to the rim, giving up the open shot instead.

James having his dribble penetration contained by Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins Duncan, then deciding to pass the ball back in to Wade instead of taking the open jumper, created a poor offensive possession for

The Spurs made a concentrated effort to cut off James' dribble penetration. The Heat have the personnel to counter the Spurs, though. Directing Chris Bosh to work around the elbows instead of beyond the arc is an adjustment the Heat should make in Game 2.Here's an example of what.

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