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Posted by UAE Business Page on August 18th, 2017

Dubai is ranked as the city with lowest employment rate among its local citizens, With Expo 2020 on the way, Dubai is a big a gate way for all professionals looking for Jobs. UAE is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. This has attracted many foreign investors to the Dubai one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East. However finding a job in Dubai might not be easy as you think. A city with many professional expatriates each trying to get the best opportunities the city has to offer. To find a good job you need to have a plan and the below step are meant for those trying to find better vacancies in Dubai.

Understand who you are:


The first step to being successful at anything is to Know Yourself. Finding a Job in Dubai is competitive because thousands of expatriates enter the country every day looking for the same opportunity you might be searching for. Knowing yourself helps you to identify which career path, for example, an architect should be searching Jobs from architecture firms in Dubai. This will make the process easier and less competitive knowing exactly what you want. There 95% chances of answering interview questions correctly if a Job seeker is interviewed for a Job of his expertise.

Know your Field:


Your Job Search in Dubai should be specifically based on the market in accordance with your field. This helps the Job seeker have more information on the existing employers. Don’t waste time looking for Jobs that don’t match your qualifications. A school will hire a teacher and a bank has more accountant jobs than a Hospital. Knowing Your Job market in Dubai helps professional stay in their career path working for good firms.

Apply online:


First, make an online professional LinkedIn Profile; this is the best gateway for professionals in Dubai. Since you now know your Job market, Post your Curriculum Vitae (CV) so that your resume can be visible to all hiring employers and recruitments agencies in Dubai. There many Job websites however these are the best for job seekers like,, and

Be more involved and Work hard

Most expatriates come on one month Dubai Visit or Tourist Visa, while looking for a job, you must put in mind that time moves so fast and each day counts. To find a good job in Dubai, you make sure you spend most of your time online posting your CV and checking out on walk-in Interviews. The more resumes you send to employers, the more you increase your chances of landing a good paying Job in Dubai. Do this every day until you are hired.

Choose the right recruitment agency:


This should be the last step and your plan B in case you fail to find the job yourself and you don’t want to return home after the visit has expired. There many recruitment agencies in Dubai but not all of them are legit. Since you have to pay for their services make sure the recruitment agencies work legally with a registered Trade License, Physical working Offices, and staff. Don’t follow a victim of online scum, they take your money and you can’t report a valid case to police or find their offices.

If you follow the above Step, their high chances that you will find Best Jobs in Dubai. We wish you all the best during your job search.

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