The Tourist Destinations on the West Coast of Kerala

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People often go to those places where there are plenty of tourists destinations to see at Kerala. But often, the chances are less that they go to all these places. Out of the 14 districts in Kerala, travellers often choose destinations like Munnar, Alappuzha and Kochi. But the truth is that other places like Kannur and Kasargod also have plenty of places that offer great sites to visit on a Kerala Trip.

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Kannur which is also spelled as Cannanore is located on to the west coast of the state. Beaches are the major attraction of this place. The major one out of the lot is Payyambalam Beach which is situated close to the Kannur town. Even though no other activities take place on the shores of the beach, people prefer to come here to spend some time gazing at the sea. A sculpture of a mother and a child has been erected on this beach which is a delight to the eyes. The next beach that is famous as drive- in beach is the Muzhappilangad Beach. It is the only beach at Kerala through which people can drive or ride through. People can also swim in the shallow water of the sea here. At the evenings, quite a lot of people come here to spend time with their family and friends. People can also go on various boat rides like catamaran ride and speed boating. Parasailing and paragliding options are also available at this beach. 

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Other than the beaches, Kannur also has places like Thalassery Fort which most of the tourists that come here visit. Having a good history behind the fort where the Raider' captain had been put into the prison, it was built during 1708 by the Britishers. A famous church which is St. John's Anglican church is also located behind the fort. This ancient monument is open to tourists throughout the day.The other fort that is a destination for the people is the Fort St. Angelos.  It is also a protected site of the Archaeological Survey of India. The significance of this fort is that it was a part of several wars in the ancient past. When some people come to Kerala tour packages they insist on going to places that are a part of such significant relevance to the past.  

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The Snake Park which is located at Kannur is also a famous spot for the reptile enthusiasts. Different types of snakes have been preserved here where the people can touch and take them in their hands. Located almost 18 kilometers from the Kannur Town, almost 150 varieties of snakes can be seen here. They have also been trained to interact with the tourists. Those who love to trek can also go to Kannur where Paithalmala is located. Kannur is also famous for the temples that are located there. The dance form Theyyam is also performed at Kannur where people go to learn this dance form in detail.

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Kasargod is another state that is situated close to the district of Kannur. The most famous Fort here is the Bekal Fort which is also the favorite spot for the movie makers. The view that the tourists get from the Bekal fort is the Arabian Sea. People often sit alone here and enjoy solitude by staring at the never ending sea. A mosque is also located near by which is said to be built by Tipu Sultan. Hosdurg Fort is the next fort located at Kasargod where a famous temple named Karpooreshwara temple had been located.  The people who are nature enthusiasts can also come here and visit the Kareem forest park which is a hotspot of plants and trees. Birds, as well as animals, can also be spotted at times from this park. Even though there are a number of temples located here, the one that stands out is the Ananthapura Lake temple as this temple is located in the lake. There is also a cave inside that leads to the pond. The main deity here is Anantha Padmanabha Swami. Since it is the only temple in Kerala that is located in a Lake, people who come on tour to Kerala also visit this temple. The wood carvings in the temple are also a noticebal factor of it. 

Hence it is not always necessary to get to the most popular places, instead, the people can visit places like Kannur and Kasargod where they

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