Role of the Spin Bike in a Cardio Based Workout Regime

Posted by Roland Steyn on August 19th, 2017

Spin classes are huge sweat fests—burning bucketsful of calories and giving the heart a good workout. Spinning is no doubt, an intense workout and is one of the easiest to do and unfortunately, overdo. This is exactly why it is important to have a proper and well-balanced routine that will make sure you are getting the best benefits of the workout and not overdoing the exercise to the point of over exertion and muscle break down. Swollen legs, trouble walking, and general pains and aches are real dangers when you are not careful doing the proper routine. Overall however, spinning is still an exceptional exercise. Newcomers need only to ease into it allow their muscles ample time to adapt to increasing routine intensity so as not to abuse their body and cause adverse effects instead of achieve a good cardio workout. 

Out of the many different gym equipment you typically see in a center, the spin bike is one of the most ideal choices for cardio exercise. Joining a spin class is a good way to ease your way into a higher intensity routine. Soon enough, you will be able to take on high intensity intervals and long-distance sessions without causing awkward bruising and other related leg damage resulting from overdoing the exercise. 

When you are on a spinning bike, you use some of the largest muscles in the body such as your quadriceps and gluteus maximus. This means exerting a great deal of energy. The exercise can in fact burn as much as 600 calories in an hour, sometimes even more. This is exactly why spinning is considered one of the most high-intensity workouts that can be very beneficial to your health. A recent study from Sweden found that an hour of spinning is enough to trigger release of blood chemicals that are associated with heart changes. These blood chemicals, otherwise known as biomarkers indicate that the heart is in fact getting a good workout from spinning. It is the same kind of biomarker levels seen in prolonged exertions like marathons. The study also pointed out that the biomarker shifts observed during the one-hour bout of spinning could ultimately lead to the repair and renewal of blood vessels. Among the other notable benefits of spinning include decrease in fat mass, improved body composition, and lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. All these contribute to spinning as an optimal cardio workout. 

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This article is written by Roland Steyn, the Director of MiFitness. MiFitness is one of South Africa's most trusted online suppliers of home-use and commercial gym equipment. They supply a wide range of high-quality exercise equipment for home and corporate use. 

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