What watch is worth buying a thousand dollars or so the most worth buying mechan

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Mechanical watch on the table fans have an irresistible attraction, although the mechanical movement by the quartz movement of the blow but still survive, it has a strong vitality and endless Cartier love bracelet replica creativity, it is not put it down. Here, the watch home for you to recommend four thousand dollars or so the most worth buying mechanical watch, value for money, like a friend quickly into its pocket it
Swatch device • Blue (SUTS401)
Device • Blue (SUTS401) uses the color of cosmic space, like the message from the hot blue Pleiades sent to our beautiful blue earth. 12 white dots mark the hour on the black bezel, while the bezel is embedded in the translucent blue luminous case. Surrounded by the dark black dial around the center of the six red dot marked the movement of 19 man-made ruby 6, from the back cover can be transparent through the transparent Tuo, straight look at the core of the watch stunning scenes.
Watch Comments: Swatch “device 51” finishing touch is to create the five modules only 51 parts of the automatic winding mechanical movement, is 100% Swiss manufacturing, with an extraordinary 90 hours of kinetic energy storage. On the opposite side of the watch, we can find an amazing scene – full of dark blue and black star map, the pattern from the central screw radiation to the “device 51” extraordinary mechanical movement of the power source – automatic Tuo. This watch has a blue, white, red, black four styles, the appearance of beautiful performance value, definitely worth your collection and possession.
Basic Information:
Model: SUTS401
Brand: Swatch
Series: Device 51
Style: blue
RMB: 1,180 yuan
Fei Yada Zhuo Ya male models series GA8426.MWR watch
Fei Yada adhering to the “pursuit of perfection, excellence,” the entrepreneurial spirit, and constantly learn and beyond the world’s advanced design concepts and watchmaking technology, with the effort and passion Fake Cartier love bracelet to the Fiyta brand to the world watches the hall. Each Fiyta watch has experienced the designer’s outstanding creativity, watchmakers of the carved and rigorous testing before leaving the factory.

Watch Comments: Fiyta Zhuo Ya male watch as its name as elegant, simple design and extraordinary. This watch is the diameter of 40 mm, stainless steel bezel to create an elegant and not extravagant classic style, the inner circle printed with 60 minutes of time scale for accurate reading. The slim pointer is treated with rose gold, and the fan-shaped calendar display window is located at three o’clock. Brown leather strap, leather delicate, elegant and generous colors, to create a classic men’s watch style. Equipped with imported automatic mechanical movement GA8426.MWR, waterproof depth of 50 meters.
Basic Information
Model: GA8426.MWR
Brand: Fiyta
Series: Zhuo Ya series
Style: automatic machinery, 40mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,320
Beijing engraved a type of watch
Half a century, Beijing watch is like a take-off dragon, it will release more energy, show more brilliant, and constantly achieve the perfect fusion of Chinese culture and watch. Beijing engraved a type of table with a calm shape and simple design, showing the gentleman’s refined style, sustenance of a generation of Chinese feelings.

Watch Comments: After a fine polished case wrapped around the 38 mm table diameter, small size on the wrist with a flexible and convenient, men can easily put it into the shirt cuffs, will not look very abrupt. The mirror is made of acrylic glass, the mirror has a slight curvature, this design is to have more three-dimensional, watch has the most basic timing function and date display window. This table with black leather strap, and silver white dial pavilions. Black to some extent gives a stable, mature feeling, hand-stitched pin uniform and detailed, easy to wear needle-type clasp, every detail into the watchmakers of the effort.
Basic Information
Model: B078201327S
Brand: Beijing
Series: mechanical watch
Style: automatic machinery, 38 mm
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,980.00
Seagull Business Movement Watch Series
Seagull is one of the longest history of state-owned watch brands in the market also has a certain reputation, and by virtue of the accumulation of rich experience, seagull watch factory for the design of the watch has a very high level. Seagull is also the essence of domestic table, in the continuous development of the majority of watch enthusiasts have also been favored.

In appearance, the Seagull 816.362 table uses 316L stainless steel as a case and strip material. This stainless steel due to the addition of molybdenum, its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance Cartier love ring replica is particularly good, compared to other strap life longer. Silver white shell looks full of metallic luster, coupled with 40 mm diameter large dial on the extra space, 3 o’clock position calendar window display; movement, the seagull 816.362 watch with their own development of this ST2130 movement. This movement is a single calendar automatic mechanical movement, 28800 times the frequency of vibration per hour to ensure that the movement of the wheel swing 8 times per second, means that the time will be accurate to one eighth of a second to ensure that the movement of the movement accuracy. 42 hours of power reserve configuration efficient winding of the automatic body, so that the wearer wearing peace of mind.
Basic Information
Model: 816.362
Brand: Seagulls
Series: Business movement table
Style: automatic machinery, 40mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: RMB 1,980
Summary: men will value their watch, just as women love their favorite jewelry, they will wake up in the morning when the watch put on hand, the day of the trip are accompanied by a pointer to the rotation of the answer. For men, the watch is not just a timing tool, or a symbol of fashion and taste. Watch the table recommended by the hope that you can witness with the unforgettable life moments, although different people have different aesthetic and choice point of view, but the vast expanse of the sea will always belong to your section that unique watch.


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