How to choose the right type of keyboard dust cover?

Posted by Brian Miller on August 19th, 2017

Both HP and Epson manufacture printers for domestic use, home office, small and medium businesses and large printers for commercial establishments. The choice of the machine depends entirely on your requirement but irrespective of its use you need a HP printer cover or an Epson printer cover to protect them from dust, dirt or moisture.

Depending on your location the amount of suspended particle may vary but no matter how clean or pristine your surrounding is you can never get rid of superfine dust particles. You will agree with us on this point if you closely observe your polished furniture or TV or laptop screens. Electronic equipments attract dust particles because of electrical charge and if such particles reach the interior of the machines, you are up for troubles very soon. You will find the problem of paper jamming inside the printer too often or the print head is creating smudgy prints.

Using a dust cover is therefore the best way to protect your equipment against dust particles. It also protects the printer from accidental spills of tea, coffee or cola. If you have a pet at home the cover will also keep its hair away from the printer and also scratches. The polymeric material used to make these printer covers acts as a barrier to restrict the entry of dust and dirt reaching inside the printer. High quality, water-resistant covers also keep the inside of the printers dry and let them work optimally. Like dirt, moisture is a great enemy of sophisticated electronic components and too much of it in air can cause the micro chips to malfunction. The only way to avoid such problem will be to put a sturdy cover on your printer.

HP has Deskjet All-in-One printer that is 525 x 310 x 158 mm, whereas an HP Multifunction Laserjet is 387.9 x 398 x 482 mm. So, you can easily guess that any one single cover will not fit all printers and you cannot buy a wrong cover because it just not fit. The same is true for Epson range of printers. You will have to specify the exact name of the printer while buying the cover online so that you are not shipped a cover that is either too small or tight (will not last long) or too big (will let dust particles go in).

Printers that are purchased for commercial establishments like multifunction Epson printers or the ones that are used for printing large volume of paper are often set up in places that have dusty floors or an environment that has fine vapor of water and chemicals. For protecting such printers you must have a heavy duty strong and thick cover so that it properly serves the purpose day after day.

Protecting your expensive printers with a custom made HP printer cover or an Epson printer cover is a wise decision that ensures zero downtime. Such sturdy and durable covers will last long because of their strong stitches that would not fray or come apart soon. These covers are not only functional but extremely stylish, elegant and affordable as well.

You will always find the right HP printer cover or Epson printer cover when you search the Internet with the model name of your printer.

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