Is it necessary to buy a Yamaha keyboard dust cover?

Posted by Brian Miller on August 19th, 2017

Buying Yamaha keyboard dust cover is not easy because depending on the configuration of the keyboard (number of octaves) the size (more specifically, the length) of the keyboard varies. Also, features of the instrument decide its depth. So, be sure of the size of the dust cover before making the purchase. A guitar amplifier or guitar amp dust cover also has specific dimension and it should be purchased when you have the right measurements.

But, have we discussed the need to invest on a dust cover for these instruments? If you go through the user’s manual of these sophisticated electronic equipment you will see that every manufacturer advices you on protecting your instrument from dust and moisture. The reason is quite simple. All these instruments are controlled by microprocessors and IC-based boards. These boards have thousands of delicate and tiny components and dust is their one of the major enemy. The dust layer causes overheating, which in turn damages the components leading to costly repair and replacements. For keyboards like Yamaha, Korg, Akai, Casio, Hammond, Roland, etc. the problem intensifies because of the gaps between the keys. Therefore, when not in use, the panel should be protected with a good quality Yamaha keyboard dust cover.

Guitar amplifiers or amp are also high-tech musical instrument that needs proper care. The quality of the audio is largely dependent on the quality of the amplifier and for professional guitar players this is extremely important for performing live shows and functions. Guitar amplifiers have their own sonic signatures and without any doubt is an integral part of the guitar itself. The pre amp, power amp and the speaker sections are to be protected from dirt, dust particles, moisture, liquids etc. in order to have the best quality audio. For this, guitar amp dust cover is the only feasible solution.

But, you cannot just buy any amp cover and put it on your guitar amp expecting it to protect your amp from all sides. Depending on the manufacturer and models all of them have different configurations. For example, a '57 Custom Champ from Fender looks quite different from other leading manufacturer and you should choose a cover that fits the box perfectly, leaving no gap to let the dust particles reach inside. Moreover, it should not fit on the amp like a skin so that the joints come off after some use. On the other hand, a bigger cover on a small box will leave the amp unprotected from several sides and that would defeat your purpose of buying a dust cover.

Yamaha keyboard dust cover offered by leading dust cover manufacturer has a elastic fit around its open end so that it sits completely on the instrument leaving no gap to let the dust particle pass by. This also helps the users to put on the cover and remove it while using. The material used is strong, pleasant to feel and not smelly like the cheap nylon covers. Order online for such keyboard and guitar amp dust cover today and avail the advantage of free shipping.

Taking care of your musical instrument is now easy with Yamaha keyboard dust cover and guitar amp dust cover.

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