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All About Chrome Digital Signage

Posted by alvina12 on August 20th, 2017

Chrome is a browser popular all around the world. Did you know Chrome also has an Operating System called the Chrome OS that operates through the cloud? Yes, Chrome Operating System is designed by Google. It is based on Linux kernel, and its main user interface is the Google Chrome web browser. In Chrome OS, user data and applications are saved on the cloud. Hence, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications. Chromebooks, Chrome boxes and Chromebits are devices that work on Chrome OS.

In today’s world, advertising is of utmost importance. How you attract your customer, hold their attention, tempt them with your products, and interact with them is something that can make a difference between success and failure for your product in the market. Whether your business is small or large, tech-savvy advertising is the name of the game. The modern businessman has come out of traditional hoarding and TV advertising and is using all channels available to reach his customers. So, time to understand where Chrome stands in sorting you out on that front!

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a process that allows you to present content to your customers on a screen. The content can be text, pictures, or video. The software used for digital signage may allow one to schedule when to display your content, edit the content, and upload it in real time using a cloud connection.

A good example is if you own a restaurant and use Digital Signage to display your content to customers while they eat or wait for food.

Chrome Digital Signage allows one to lighten up digital displays from anywhere since it is based in the cloud. It also helps manage the displays, be it of any size and at any place. One can use Chrome Sign builder to create, display and schedule content.

Chrome Sign Builderis a utility for digital signage. It allows one to display content, also schedule it throughout your Chrome managed device network. During installation, fill out schedules and display URLs that contain content. Later, one can change the content of URLs and display different data with the same schedule settings.

If you wish to use digital signage, it would be beneficial to run your machine in Kiosk mode.

What is Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode is used to run an application in a full-screen mode, without toolbars and menus. It shows the screen without browser user interface. Hence, the Kiosk mode prevents the user from using anything else other than the browser intended content in full screen. Chrome also provides this option.

Chrome OS Kiosk Mode

Chrome Kiosk Mode is a free, simple and effective way to run your device in Kiosk mode. Best suited for usage in digital displays which have no user interface or dialogue boxes. There are a lot of self-help articles that guides one through all the process to create kiosk app and create your digital signage as desired.

So, go out there and conquer the world for the world is your nest!

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