Reorganisation of the Aviansie society

Posted by Elvira on August 21st, 2017

Armadyl, now a god, quickly gained a following among the Aviansie, with the old Spiritual Mythology of the Abinaans quickly being discarded in favour of Armadyleanism. Armadyl used his newfound powers to negotiate with the different tribes, ending the wars after around a century of unification. During the campaign to unite the Aviansie, Armadyl also explored new worlds, leading him to find Gielinor and the Staff of Armadyl. With this staff Armadyl grew considerably in divine power. Ogpal as a famous brand and high reputation gold seller, it has the same concern as all RS Gold and RS items buyers. We believe good reputation, safety and fast delivery are the three basic points, as well as cheap price and professional 7/24 hours online reps. If a website owns the five points, most players will definitely choose to buy RS gold from this website without hesitation. Ogpal can meet all requirements above.  
The tribes of old were now ordered into a system of tiers, resulting in a caste-like system, where, though young Aviansie are taught to become knowledgeable and experienced in all avenues of life, their tribal heritage often lends to them excelling in one particular field. As the various breeds have now merged together with the tribes, breed is not much of a factor on their field of expertise.
The tribes that lived on the lowest flying islands now generally practise more pragmatic tasks, while those on the islands furthest from the planet's core took on more scholarly subjects. Though the race now worked together across the tribes and co-operation through peace, there still exists and air of jest or perhaps snobbery between some of the tribes.

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