Why Shared Hosting is better than Free Web Hosting

Posted by Sunder Singh on August 21st, 2017

Hosting a website on any day is an indeed a tedious task, especially for a newbie. Reason (s)? It is something that should be done with extreme care because choosing a web hosting has a direct impact on your business.

However, many individuals just to save few bucks monthly prefer to go with free web hosting and then boast how much commendable job they did by saving amount on hosting.

Well, it is a wake-up time! Anything free in today’s context is not free in a real sense, if it is, then you are not the customer, you are the product. The Webhosting industry is full of players that offer free web hosting. While many see it as a good way to test the quality of their hosting service, but the reality is shared hosting is way better than free web hosting in many aspects.

This post further explains why you should prefer shared hosting over free web hosting. Read on!

Annoying Advertisements

The moment when you say yes to free hosting without realizing the fact that even the free web hosting providers too, have to make a living, you get ads in consolation as well. So there is nothing like free exists. When you use free web hosting, you are the product because they use your website to place advertisements without your permission. They do it to earn money. Even if you want to remove those free ads, you simply need to pay. So it works in this way. However, it is not the case with shared hosting Plan.

No Room for Independent Domain

Many free web-hosting providers do not allow you to use your registered domain name with their free hosting package or plans. You get sub-domain with reference to their primary domain. And for business organizations, using their domain name makes no sense. Not the case with shared hosting.

Less Controlling and Poor Hosting Features

Many free web hosting providers offer their website builder to build your website. So you cannot upload your already designed website. Many scripts and features free web hosting does not support, which restrict you to customize things the way you want. In addition to it, you cannot get full control over your website, which is no less than a bottleneck from the business point of view. However, shared hosting saves you from all these things.

No Ownership

In free web hosting, you do not own your website. As there is almost nothing is in your control, you may be prohibited to move out to another web hosting. Further, you may not be able to back up your own website files. So shared hosting is any day better because it offers flexibility and gives you ownership. With shared hosting, over time, you can upgrade your hosting package as your business needs evolve.

No Reliability

As the service is for free, then you reserve no right to claim guaranteed uptime which is one of the biggest drawbacks of free web hosting. So rather putting your reputation, data security, and performance at stake, it is better to go for shared hosting.


Shared hosting is any day better than free web hosting. However, many companies realize this fact later after facing difficulties.

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