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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

In this era where income is not sufficient to cover the expenses whether being a household or business, everyone faces the problem of funds to meet their needs.
While taking loans, people look into different criteria. Most of the people look for the package which provides them low interest rate and easy monthly installment. One can easily get this package in secured loan.

Secured loan are the most popular loan among the asset holders. It helps the person in procuring finance against the collateral placed by them. But the amount the person can borrow depends primarily on the value of the collateral placed. When secured loan is approved, the title of the asset is transferred to the lender but the ownership remains with the borrower. But on making any default the lender has the legal right to liquidate the asset against the arrear.

Secured Loans can be used for different purposes. For instance it may include:

?Debt consolidation
?Home improvement
?Buying a car
?Expansion of business

The person can also take secured loan for specific purposes. For example, if he wants a loan for debt consolidation, he can apply for secured debt consolidation loan; if for expansion of business then business loan may be taken, so on.

One should study all the terms and condition before applying because sometimes it may contain the hidden clause. That can affect the borrower afterwards. The person should be alert while entering in the agreement.

Interest rates are dependent on the credit situation along with the prevailing market. Therefore, interest rates and monthly repayments may vary from person to person. Secured personal loan can be paid off in maximum of 25 years, depending upon the amount being borrowed.

While people with bad credit history generally have hard time getting unsecured loans, lenders are more likely to give these people secured loans because there is lower risk involved. Even if you have bad credit, banks will still give you secured loans because your property will be used as collateral. On timely repayment of installment, the persons with bad credit history can improve their credit score.

The advantages which secured loans offer are:

?Easy availability
?Easy approval
?Low interest rate
?Longer repayment period
?People with bad credit can apply

Nowadays, one can easily apply for the Secured loan through banks, financial institution, building societies and other lending companies. You can also apply online for the loan so you don?t have to leave your place. The person can fill the application form online itself. Online system provides a platform for the borrower to compare the various lenders, with more ease and saves lot of time. These lenders provide the loan at convenience of borrower.

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