Benefits Behind Atheism Revealed: Buy Free Thinker Ceramic Pendants

Posted by jackmark0245 on August 21st, 2017

Though it is difficult to pin down the exact number, rough estimate says that out of the entire world population, 13% of them identify themselves as atheist. While having faith on supernatural power is a personal choice, there are evidence that displays that claims significant benefits of being an atheist. Having said that, practicing theism possesses its own favors.

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This article is written with an aim to throw some light on the significant advantages of being an atheist.

  1. Incomparable Joy: Fact says that Scandinavian countries are the least religious countries in the world and yet holds the reputation of being on the top of the polls that measure happiness index. This clearly gives a living proof that atheism embraces happiness.
  2. Cognitive Benefits: The faith on atheism tends to generate less cognitive dissonance than being a theist of any type. As we know, the world, existence and the basic human and physical understanding is far more logically comprehensible as an atheist. But when it comes to cognitive dissonance, theist crashes down like a collapsing chopper. When one denies the presence of an omnipresent power, you would expect the world to see it like it does. Blaming nature is out of question. Subsequently, mind blowing cruelty and suffering of any biological organisms found anywhere in the universe doesn’t require any explanation, relieving one from pain and confusion.
  3. Intelligence: Atheists are known to score more on IQ tests, when compared to religious people. This in turn helps them concentrate more on essential things, helping them attain more professional success in life.
  4. Self Esteem And Reliance: Since atheist don’t experience guilty or sinful feelings, its helps them foster higher self-esteem and a feeling of control over life’s events. Not believing on a deity helps them find a solution with confidence. This helps building self-reliance in them that impacts positively not only on their own lives but also on the lives of others. When one doesn’t believe on the wheel of life, the responsibility lies on the individual’s shoulders.
  5. Health And Peace: With great self-belief and self-reliance, an atheist enjoys good health throughout his or her lifespan. When health is maintained, peace arrives automatically.

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