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Posted by 22 Days Nutrition on August 22nd, 2017

Have you ever been curious about the vegan lifestyle or wondered exactly what it entails? Is it anything more than just eating lettuce for every meal? What are the benefits? Research has shown the importance of switching your diet plan to realize benefits for your overall health, but is “going vegan” really a viable option for you?

Vegans are often and widely misunderstood. As a whole, they are commonly believed to be wackos and/or hippies who are either so passionate about animal rights that they refuse to eat meat or have eating disorders and eat some plants to cover up this unhealthy fact. While this may be true in some isolated incidents, it is certainly not always the case. Some vegans are simply health-conscious and committed to making positive changes in their lifestyle. If you are planning to change your diet, you must set clear and achievable health and fitness goals and start with the basics to experience the most benefits possible.

According to The Vegan Society, veganism can be defined as “a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat.” While getting nourishment and energy from plant protein is not a new concept, its development has come a long way in the last decade and is being adopted by more and more celebrities in an effort to live longer and healthier lives. People have become vegans for many different reasons, but often this diet is chosen because of personal health, environmental, religious convictions, spirituality or moral concerns.

Millions are dedicated to a strict adherence to the basic tenets of veganism, while others may move to and from a vegan diet when convenient or necessary. One fact is undisputed: becoming and remaining a true vegan is now easier and options are more accessible than ever before.

Studies have repeatedly shown the health benefits of a meat-free diet, particularly when used in conjunction with some recommended guidelines from a trusted dietician or health professional. More and more people around the world are switching to veganism after learning that it is proven to increase immunity to diseases and contribute to better overall bone health. These are a few special considerations for improving your intake of essential protein and vitamins:

  • Include beans, nuts and other tasty legumes in your diet to increase fiber intake and also help your body fight a myriad of chronic health problems.

  • Eat plenty of antioxidants—pomegranate, blueberries, garlic, kale, peaches, broccoli and many, many others—to help boost your immune system and reduce your stress level and the risk of certain types of cancer.

  • Fall in love with green, leafy vegetables. If you are not already a fan, simply search the internet for delicious options and recipes and your opinion will soon change.

  • Make sure your diet incorporates whole grains into each and every meal.

  • Find a trusted source from which you can get vegan food delivery whenever you need and directly to your doorstep.

One such trusted source of online vegan meals—a true partner, committed to helping you find and stick to your new and healthy personal diet plan—is 22 Days Nutrition. 22 Days Nutrition proudly offers a variety of delicious plant-based meals, bars and powders for convenient home delivery, along with online tips and articles to support users in their exciting new lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to sign up online for the 22 Days Vegan Challenge and jump-start your journey to a happier, healthier life.

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