How to select the best corporate speaker for your event

Posted by pkdnambiar on August 22nd, 2017

There are many business organizations that invite various marketing strategist Delhi and corporate speaker to their event for inspiring and motivating their employees. But choosing the right speaker is always a tough task. With the help of the following point one can chose the best motivating speaker for their event.   

1. Name Recognition

Does the corporate speaker that you’re considering to have in your event, have an established reputation within the industry? Well known speakers will charge a high fee that might be out of your budget, but you should still make an effort to get someone that is at least well-known and do make it a point to advertise the speaker’s credentials.

2. Getting a Speaker to Speak for Free

Don’t try to acquire a high profile speaker, free of charge. If you’re a start-up then consider an unknown or upcoming speaker, as some of them are willing to speak for free for the sake of publicity and building up their resume. However, through this route, you’re getting someone who is mostly unknown.

Hiring someone who is unknown is also somewhat risky, as the person has little to no experience. Still, if you bring in an unknown speaker, then be sure the speaker carefully studies your company and material. Try to make him perform several dry runs before the actual presentation on the event day.

Remember, it’s always more preferable and advisable to invest in a corporate motivational speaker who has a good name and recognition along with some experience under his belt. 

3. Is the Speaker Charismatic?

Before hiring a speaker, always look up the speaker’s past speaking engagements. Whether the person is humorous? Is he enthusiastic or not?

Even if a speaker is extremely knowledgeable he may not necessarily have the stage presence to really captivate the crowd. If the corporate speaker just reads off a script that is going to put the audience to sleep.

You should also consider if the speaker just talks to the audience, or does he interact with them? The two ways are totally different from each other, and the latter is far more effective. It involves bringing the audience into the conversation by asking questions or taking polls. 

4. The Speaker Should Know Your Audience

There are number of Corporate Speaker in Delhi but a good speaker personalizes his speech to suit the specific demographic. In other words a speaker should not utilize the same speaking approach for a crowd of 40-something-year-olds as he would for a young audience.

Therefore, before selecting the right speaker, watch their previous presentations. Watch the multiple lectures and the various demographic that make up those different presentations. You should also take note to see if the speaker uses a different approach. Does the speaker use social media lingo or pop culture references when speaking to a millennial audience?

So next time, before selecting the keynote speaker for your event keep these points in mind and evaluate speaker on the basis of these points to select the best corporate speaker.

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