Different Types Of Dialers You Can Think For Your Business

Posted by Leewood on August 22nd, 2017

Making sales calls all throughout the day can be a tedious task. But, when the staff can spare time in tweaking motivational techniques, then it’s time to be smart with the choice. Below is a guide which speaks about different call center dialers and offer advice on which you should use.

Manual Dialers

As the name suggests, agents have to dial the number manually and speak with diverse customers. In case the agent is furnished with information, he or she can close the call within less time. However, things can be made simpler with the click-to-call feature. This is possible after integrating the option with a robust CRM.

Preview Dialers

Just like the click-to-call option, preview dialers help to prepare well before making the call. Call center agents can always review information and then decide what they need to transpire. Ideally, this option is good for outbound calls when services need to be promoted. It also works for sensitive calls made for collections.

Power Dialers

When you are thinking about automated dialing, you can always opt for a power dialer. As compared to manual dialing, power dialers enhance productivity and aid to reduce the dialing time substantially. However, agents may experience idle time, and busy signals when they are on calls.

Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers help in collecting data associated with call handling and dial many contacts automatically. Everything happens at the same time and the call is forwarded soon when the individual answers. The greatest advantage of predictive dialers is that these aid in cutting down idle time and boost efficiency. Despite being expensive, these are worth the price. A small team can always think about conversing with individuals once the prospect responds. Many call centers prefer using a hosted call center dialer because it works towards accelerating sales.

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