Workers have said about Cartier love ring replica

Posted by aierjewelry on August 22nd, 2017

He is 13 years old because the family circumstances poverty, displaced in Macao, to the father of a good friend Jin Pu to do coolie. He is almost always the first to the store every day, sweeping, dusting, pour spittoon, washing the toilet... Coolie work so hard, but he'll do every work meticulously, he always drags on the floor before open bright as a mirror, will counter to wipe clean, never slack off because of low, do not complain because of the dirty tired. Workers have said about Cartier love ring replica, he is the best period Jin Pu health after arrival. Because toilet is too clean because of his clean, one day, a staff didn't eat breakfast hide in the toilet to steal to eat snacks by Jin Pu boss found. The boss does not punish the staff in the steal to eat snacks, but will do coolie called him to the office and asked him why he to Jin Pu the lowest coolie work can be so serious, intentions. His face flushed bright red nervous, did half a day to say: "if even do coolie, must also do other work." The boss smiled and let him go out. Since then, he was still dutifully every day to treat their own work, and in the spare time to help master's boy. Gradually, he became familiar to Jin Pu's other Cartier love bracelet replica work. Three years later, he was promoted to store of honest diligent and aspirant in charge, the boss said in explaining his reasons for: "can a conscientious clean all toilets can let a person hiding in snack coolie, will be serious and responsible to do anything." Three years later, again Jin Pu boss announced his only daughter to marry him, he didn't know at this time, the boss and his father is a friend in need. When his mother he was the boss 'wife was just pregnant, his father and the boss for haven't born at that time he has not yet been born with the boss's daughter "the stomach is marriage". This man is the founder of the Hong Kong new world group, currently in Hong Kong with a net worth hk billion, the third richest cheng yu-tung. The media interview cheng yu-tung, ask him the key to success, he smiled and said: "to be a best coolie." Do a good coolie, because even the coolie do bad people, it is difficult to do other work. And do the coolie, will have the opportunity to do a good job in the whole life. Cheng yu-tung is example, he did good, because the coolie won the jewelry in the toilet. 

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