Key Facts About ThermaSpice From SpiceFit Company

Posted by howard on August 22nd, 2017

SpiceFit Company has come up with ThermaSpice, a new product that’s already causing excitement in the market. The main reason why many are interested in this product is the numerous benefits that it comes. Of interest to many is the fact that it can help them to cut on weight. Formulated by nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis of SpiceFit, ThermaSpice is a blend of various natural spices. It’s not only meant to prepare a healthy and tasty meal but also help in shedding off excess pounds to reduce weight. Although the practiced has been there for close to a 5,000 BC, this blend stands out with the quality of the ingredients. To better understand ThermaSpice and its weight loss benefits, we have analyzed the 6 main spices in it:


It's a crucial ingredient in the formulation of ThermaSpice. From the numerous studies that have been conducted, it has been proven that cumin has beneficial effects on weight loss, insulin metabolism, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Cumin has shown similar characteristics as orlistat- a medication that is known to help people with obesity. It works in the body by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fat into the body. By doing this, it reduces the amount of fat getting into the body and thus more fat will be digested compared to the fat stored. This is how the user loses fat. When combined lime, it has greater effects on BMI, total cholesterol, and weight loss.


This is another great spice with a lot of health benefits in it. Ginseng plays this important role as an energy booster thus helping in fighting fatigue in the body. It also helps in shedding off some pounds in the body due to its capability in stabilizing blood sugar. A study conducted in Korea on 50 Korean women who were obese gives a clear indication that Ginseng can help the body to lose weight. According to the study, the affected Koreans took Ginseng in a period of 8 weeks, and they experienced a significant reduction in BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, and overall body weight.


The capsaicin has a lot numerous health benefits to the body thus making it the major ingredient in formulating ThermaSpice. It is the compound that is used to make chilli peppers hot. Capsaicin is a strong stimulant, and it works by raising the body temperature. A study conducted by Canadian researcher shows that capsaicin also works as an appetite suppressant. This concludes that taking a capsaicin hot sauce before meal decreases your appetite incredibly. With it as an ingredient, the user will be eating less and this will significantly help in shedding off some pounds.


This is another great spice in ThermaSpice famous for its bright yellow color. The spice contains curcumin which it’s a chemical that has shown to help in weight loss. According to a study done on the chemical, it proved that it could increase weight loss, enhance the BMI and reduce the waistline. Therefore, spice is a great play a huge role in weight loss. The study also indicates that the spice incredibly increases body weight loss in a short period. With its bright yellow color, it gives your meal a great face.

Curry leaf

This is another great spice that’s extracted from Murraya koenigii herbs. Shedding some pounds has an interesting effect on cholesterol. The body burns energy which it has long stored as fat thus causing rising of cholesterol level. Several studies conducted shows that Curry leafs from the curry leaf tree work greatly to cholesterol level in the body. With the levels of cholesterol controlled, it will be very easy to deal with other conditions such as heart attack. The spice is widely popular in India.

Moringa leaf

This is another ingredient with properties that can help the body to lose weight. The leaves are originally from South Africa and India where it’s commonly used as an Ayurvedic medicine for it weight loss. Moringa leaves are rich in potassium, beta carotene, vitamin C, protein, and calcium. This leaf is also thought to curb food craving and can also reduce fat absorption due to it richly in fiber. These leaves are also believed to hold healing potential for chronic high blood pressure, fats, and lipids. The spice works by reducing the absorption of fat to reduce weight gain.

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