How Couples Counseling Helps Couples?

Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja on August 22nd, 2017

Arguments between couples are a natural thing. But when these arguments become a regular affair, where both the individuals only suffer and find it difficult to stand one another, the couple needs to realize that they need professional help. There are many centres who offer professional couples counceling in India. These counseling are structured to get a thorough understanding of both the individuals’ behaviour and to understand what triggers the conflicts between them.

In the counseling sessions offered by professional centres, the couples can learn ways to work on the differences and re-develop the love, which was once there. In many relationship therapies couples are encouraged for emotional growth. This enables both the person to experience more connection and thus make them feel empathy.

Problems treated through couples counseling:

-          Poor communication

-          Problems in getting along

-          Issues with other family members such as parents or grandparents

-          Not ready for children

-          Financial difficulties

-          Insecurity & lacking trust

-          Ego clashes

-          Arrogance & indifference

-          Disrespectful comments

Time duration for couples’ therapy:

The time of the therapy entirely depends on the issue, as different couples have different issues. Mostly it takes 10 to 12 sessions, on average. Many a times, most of the couples go for continued sessions in order to reinforce new skills and effective strategies.

Family counseling services:

There are many cases where family counselling becomes crucial. The professionals offering family counselling services are mostly experienced and certified experts. Their forte lies in diagnosing and treating many types of emotional and psychological disorders that exists between the members of a family. The therapists or psychiatrists listen to each of the member and try to decipher the root of every trouble.

Counseling help in marriage conflicts:

When issues arise between married couples and they cannot resolve it on their own, they need to get professional understanding of what is going wrong. Here, the therapists, initially, tries to create an environment where both the individuals feel comfortable to open up with their issues with one another. In most cases, when the partners in a marriage have different life gaols, conflicts are sure to arise. The main aim of the therapists is to make them realise that they both are important to keep the marriage strong and that each needs to respect the other’s views and opinions.

Thus, if you are having troubles in your relationship get in touch with the professionals at Hope Care and let out your troubles. The experts at Hope Care are sure to bring you a solution that will help you in leading a healthy and happy life. 

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