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Understand The Various Stages of Child Development

Posted by ButtonsDayNurseries on August 22nd, 2017

One of the most significant elements of human life is watching your children grow up. Without a doubt, this is not only a privilege but it is the greatest gift we can receive as parents. There are many different kinds of stages a child goes through from birth to adolescence; normal, social-emotional and intellectual. These stages are also divided according to age group; early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence.

The most special is the early childhood stage. The stages of child development at the beginning of our children's lives are primarily in the hands of nature. We have to care for each and every small detail for our little bundle of joy. The stages of child development Bournemouth are no different from any other part of the world.

Physical Development

Early Childhood is the fast-paced stage of child development in terms of all the areas of development; physical and mental. On the physical aspect, a child doubles his height and quadruples his weight from birth to 3 years of age. The body proportions also shift during this stage as the head of the infant that comprises a quarter of the total body length will be in total proportion with his body as he becomes a toddler.

Emotional & Social Development

From birth to the first year, a child's social-emotional development mainly stays within the circle of his family. After the first year to about 3 years, a child already acknowledges other people presence around him. He interacts a little and expresses his needs. From 5 to 8 years, a child is better at expressing his feelings can by now start demanding for attention.

Choosing a nursery that can help your child explore his interests and talents is not hard to find. These nurseries have a great atmosphere and they also provide a sleeping nest for babies. These nets are small and warm so that your child can feel at home. Furthermore, these nurseries have unique methods of teaching and educating your child.

Conclusively, we can say that Nature has the Starring Role in the Early Stages of Child Development, but then Nurture Takes Center Stage. So, nurture your child with the quality early education and find the best nurseries in your locale.

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