Top 5 common mistakes in stock trading and how to overcome them?

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on August 22nd, 2017

The stock market is the best place to start, anyone having a little knowledge about stock market can start trade in the market still we have heard about our many friends or family member who lost their valuable money in stock market securities.

Risks always exist in the trading, and it’s good because it keeps investors up to date with the market, fear of losing money makes an investor more aware about the market. Many investors take help of market specialist with their ideal stock tips and other trading tips to avoid mistakes.

Massive amounts of money can be made through stock market trading. Overcoming mistakes will lead you to become successful as well as it increases positive return from the market.


The most common mistakes are listed below -


1.Not Having proper Money Management - Good money management means you know how much exactly you want to earn, how much money you needed and how much risk actually involves in the trading process. Obviously, the mistake can be avoided only by developing smart money management techniques. It is a key to success in the stock market trading, you must have proper knowledge how to plan your money wisely.


2.Overstaying on a position – One of the common mistakes done by few traders is overstaying on a position. If you got your profit objective and still you are in the trade without an exit order then that means you are overstaying your position and this is a bad habit and risky as well. Please Do not forget that a large profit can turn into an even larger loss. To overcome this mistake, you can move your protective stop to your profit target. Decide you deadline and limit before entering the market.


3.Changing the Trade Plan in prime trading hours - During prime trading hours, you are forced by many emotional reactions of fear and greed which is normally not happen when the market is quiet. The best approach does not change your trading strategy during prime trading hours where the market is on the peak level unless there is a breaking news event or market reaction. You can avoid this mistake by making your trading plan before prime market hours and by the following discipline that you do not change your trade plan before any serious market situation.You can also include the binary option in your trade plan and follow binary option trading tips for a better return.


4. Overconfidence is bad - Overconfidence is bad in every field whether it is for health or wealth. Don't be over smart and put your large amount of money into a stock that is right now performing very better, may be the price of that stock would fall in future.



5.Depending on luck - Profit from the market requires two main things first good luck and right timing. You can improve your profit and become successful in the market by doing basic homework but please never, ever assume that you have extra luck or any golden touch because we can not predict accurate information about the market. So please don't fully depends on the luck.

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