Different Gems that Look like Diamonds

Posted by Laxmi on August 22nd, 2017

Diamonds are considered to be the rarest stones in the world. There are signs which show that finding and extracting diamonds from the earth's crust is not an easy task. But the love and craze for diamond jewelry have always been evident by the people and with time it is simply increasing. To match up with the popularity and demand of diamonds, there are now many ways to get the desired gemstone jewellery in India.

Why girls love diamonds

Though, there are many people who claim that diamonds are overpriced as the modern technologies have helped in an easy extraction of the stone and they are not that rare anymore. As a result of the same claims, there are many people who are looking for alternatives to diamonds. There are many different gems that look like diamonds and that can be used as an alternative to diamonds. According to jewelry notes, the following stones can be considered same as diamonds:

  1. White Sapphire: White sapphire is related very closely to the diamond. Sapphire not only looks like a diamond but also possess the same properties like diamonds. The white sapphire is considered durable and hard than the other options of artificial stones and replacements of diamonds. Colorless sapphires have been used at the place of diamonds for quite some time now.
  2. White Topaz: White topaz is also one of the popular replacements of the diamond. Colorless topaz is a sign that the Topaz being used is pure. Though topaz is not as hard as diamonds, therefore, they can be get scratched very easily. It is because of this reason that Topaz is not used as diamonds on a very large scale. Topaz generally is of reddish-orange or yellow in color but a transparent topaz can be considered as an alternative to diamond.
  3. Cubic Zirconia: After white sapphire, cubic zirconia is the most popular substitute of the diamond. The reason behind this is not only the look alike properties of zirconia similar to that of diamond but the stone also possesses the same materialistic properties as that of the diamond. Moreover, zirconia is very cheap as compared to diamonds. The only concern is that it gets scratches with time being soft.
  4. Moissanite: This is the metal that has the same hardness as that of diamond and therefore can be the best alternative to the diamond. It also has the same durability as that of the diamond. The difference in the optical and physical properties is what differentiates it from diamonds. Moissanite sparkles more than the diamond when encountered with light but still is not in much demand as that of diamonds.
  5. Garnet: A colorless garnet can be used as an alternative to diamonds but since the garnet is very soft when compared to diamonds, they can easily catch scratches over time. Along with this, they are not that durable as diamonds and therefore, it is not generally used over diamonds unless it is completely colorless.

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