Posted by eluniversity on August 22nd, 2017

In East London university fashion degree the students gets the best lectures who are well connected with the industry. EL University provides you the best facilities. Fashion design Classes are creative and real world, focused on theoretical as well as particle. Those students who graduate they can have their own collection of creative vision.

                               As you would except, in order to become a fashion designer you must have great interest in fashion trends and clothing. It’s a good idea to follow fashion magazines and watch fashion shows to be updated with current fashion and you can get creative and innovated idea to use. If you want to be a fashion designer you have an eye on what’s look good on people. It is a very big world in its on. so the changes of success is also bright. People who find out that they have interest in fashion in a young age are rare.

As a fashion designer your main job is to sketch the design of clothing ideas so people n you come to know what’s your new idea and how its look like in real world. A good fashion designer must able to show the details and accurate design for their clothing idea. You must have a good knowledge of different types of cloths and material, as well as knowledge of choosing different types of color combination.

Knowledge of the industry as well as how to present design. EL University offers fashion design programs you can choose two years or four years track. Whether you choose to attend the classes or not may sure you have the portfolio of the work you have done. When you apply for job, you’re able to show the samples of your own idea. This will give your client an idea of your hard-work, creativity and sense of style. Do whatever you can learn about industry, talk to professionals, watch tv programs, read magazine and whatever else you can do. The more you learn, the better chances you will be a successful fashion designer.

Still want to be fashion designer??

Here are two steps you must follow….

  1. your portfolio defines your hard-work and creativity

Just like how celebrity models value their looks and work to maintain the charm, same goes for portfolio.

Future employers and the people are going to judge you by your portfolio. Your portfolio can show them exactly what you are capable of.

Being in EL university will force you to leave your comfort zone with the training and dedication, results are often good.

  1. Try to understand why people dress the way they do

 The Indians have their saries, the Japanese have their kimons. Even though the global fashion is mainly influence by Paris. London people around the world still dressed differently. A true fashion designer must know what the customers want   and needed. In EL University you’ll come to know about every country fashion sense. When it comes to fashion psychology, the variables are endless.

The most important thing about fashion is that it changes every day. So no two days will be exactly same.                 

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