Are You Prepared for the Responsibility of Keeping the Power On?

Posted by rlnenergyservices on August 23rd, 2017

Power equipment failure can be disastrous, and sometimes even deadly. Are you prepared for the responsibility of keeping the power on?
Within any company in any industry that relies on its own power production (portable or stationary), the upkeep of power equipment is of the utmost importance. Purchasing or renting the best-suited equipment is one thing; having a well-trained staff that’s ready and able to keep it running for as long as is necessary is another. The safety and security of an entire project may rely on it.
If your staff is not up to date, or even if you’re unsure about how current their training is, it’s worth investing in special power generation training from a third party. You can never overstate the importance of safety.
Protection and Control for Generation and Distribution Systems
Electric power system manufacturers typically provide a wide variety of solutions for protection and control. Modern digital technology combines with the latest IT technology for highly advanced, highly reliable system protection.
But still, it’s not simple to use, let alone maintain at a deep level. Is your staff prepared to maintain the newest technology to control and protect the integrity of the entire system?
Equipment Testing Standards
Different manufacturers naturally produce different equipment, which is why it’s important to set industrial standards.
For testing, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) has created industrial standards for new installations and in-use testing as well. You can purchase the standards online here.
Is your staff educated to industrial standards? Can they handle intake of new equipment and successfully test the operation and integration of in-use equipment?

Testing Plans
Does your maintenance staff have a safety or reliability based electrical acceptance plan for testing new equipment or introducing additional equipment?
The best way to ensure that installation meets applicable codes, standards and safely operates as designed by the manufacturer is to follow a process that works every time. If your company does not have a formal process, but rather relies on the education of employees or contractors, then your company may be liable when human error or negligence causes problems.
Get a testing plan; if you don’t have one, hire professional industry trainers to help provide one.
Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Maintenance of Safety and Success
For maintenance & safety for long term power generation success and minimal downtime, invest heavily in your maintenance staff. Ensure that all roles and responsibilities are assigned to the appropriate person, and make sure that person has all the education and tools necessary to keep your power running smoothly and safely.
For training, call RLN Energy in Edmonton, AB:
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About the Author:
RLN Energy Services is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that specializes in the sale and resale of heavy power equipment. It is a privately held corporation with a team of highly experienced & skilled technicians in mechanical and electrical industries. RLN Energy Services provides sales of various power system equipment that includes natural gas equipment, portable power plants, diesel generator sets, turbine powered equipment & more. Along with the sale of power equipment, they also focus on training specific services for the maintenance, safety, switching operations & associated tools in the industry.

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