How Couples Counselling Can Save Marriages?

Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja on August 23rd, 2017

It is very common and also natural for married couples to get into arguments every now and then. Especially for couples who have been together for more that 16 to 20 years are sure to have argument clashes as both will have their own opinion and would not want to compromise with their views.

However, if an argument lasts for too long, making the couple distressed and depressed, they need to realize that it’s time for them to consult professional family counselling services. Most of the differences arise when there is lack of communication between the couple. Irrespective of what their reason is, if they fail to be transparent to one another, they are sure to face hurdles in their married life.

Thus, if you too are facing issues in your married life and are clueless what to do, you need to talk to an expert and get your issues resolved at the earliest. Before consulting, you need to be sure that the therapist or psychiatrist that you are planning to consult holds good experience in the field. Below mentioned are few specific features that a good therapist will have.

-          Helps in restoring married relationships

At times, married relationships become very difficult and at times it becomes necessary for them to take a third opinion or help. Many couples counselling in India help couples by letting them talk to experts who try to understand the root of the cause. This helps the couple to realise what went wrong and when.

-          Programs that bring the partners close to each other

Most of the centres offering couple’s counselling make sure that the couples are comfortable in expressing themselves. Usually the centres are designed in such a way that both the partners feel relaxed with one another and thus, it helps them in opening up with their feelings. In certain cases, the couples break down during the therapy sessions as they realize that they had been arguing on a pointless matter and have only been ruining one another’s lives.

-          Professionals/therapists have ample experience in saving difficult marriages

An experienced psychiatrist or therapist understands the value of a strong relationship and how it can be maintained with a positive attitude. It is advisable to couples to visit such therapists together, so that it gets easier for them to reach to a conclusion. The counselling sessions are designed to give the couples a comfortable space to openly express their feeling about one another. This enables both the partners to engage in communication, lacking of which the differences only keeps growing.

Therefore, if you are looking for family counselling, you need to get in touch with the professionals at Hope Care and let them know what your issues are. Get your issues sorted as soon as possible. 

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