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Posted by ricky26 on August 23rd, 2017

Golf is a very popular sport around the world with official Olympic recognition of its own. People of all genders and ages can play the sport without the need to change the laws of the game in any manner. It is one of the only few games which does not limit your physical fitness from playing it. Unlike other sports, golf is a multi-layered sport, which requires a golfer to have precision shot and understanding of winds.

Golf is a ball and club sport, which involves the players to use various types of clubs to hit golf balls into series of holes on a golfing course in as little strokes as possible. Typically Langkawi golf courses include 9 or 18 holes, having a teeing ground, fairway, rough, hazards and a putting green where the ball shall be put in a hole.

Since a golfing course includes 9 or 18 holes, they are big in sizes and are generally located at very picturesque locations. Many of the golfing courses around the world are situated around open areas with good backgrounds.

Apart from being a popular sport in the North-American and European countries, golf is an up and coming sport in the developing gulf nations of Bahrain, Egypt and UAE. Its popularity is significantly increasing in south-east Asian countries of Malaysia and Singapore.

There aren’t many online services who deal in golf retreats. Planning a golf play and stay is a difficult task. Generally finding good resorts and golf course is difficult and people end up paying more for fewer amenities. Troon Golf is one such firm offering the best golf courses and resorts in UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, India, and Malaysia and in over 28 countries around the globe. They offer the most beautiful, picturesque and royal golf courses in these countries along with fantastic accommodation facilities, resorts and spas. All the golf courses in the company’s portfolio are at par with the international standards, while its Bahrain and Dubai golf courses are home to PGA Open championships. They aim to provide eco-golf experience while enhancing the natural environment.

About Troon Golf:

Troon Golf is the best facility to book your golf retreat. The Langkawi Golf club is one of their finest clubs to experience Malaysia’s true golfing spirit. They also offer exclusive packages for the various golf resorts on their roster.

For more information, please visit International.troonteetimes.com.

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