How Dangerous Is Heroin Addiction?

Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja on August 23rd, 2017

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs, synthesized from morphine. The main element in heroin is opium poppy.  Addiction of heroin may start when a person takes it as a recreational drug. The basic effect of heroin is that it offers the user a feeling of relaxation amidst chaos and confusions. This is how one gets addicted to it. With continuous usage the addiction tends to leave devastating effects on the user. The addiction may also lead to death if not taken care of at the right time.

There are some addicts who do not desire to quit the habit of heroin. Many addicts lose their sanity and end up stealing or even killing for money to obtain more of the drugs. Heroin addicts become strongly dependent on the drug and find it difficult to survive without it. The more a person uses the drug, the more tolerant they become. Thus, the intake gradually increases with each usage.

An addicted person becomes restless if they can’t get a hand on the drug. This drug runs through the blood and brain barriers and acts as anti-anxiety reactor, pain relief and renders a feeling of ‘high’. This is the reason an addict feels that if they can’t have heroin, they won’t be able to survive.

The Effects Of Heroin

There are many instances where a heroin addict gets involved in crime, only to obtain some drug for themselves. Since heroin is illegal, many have also been caught selling it or using it. The drug is used either as tablets or injection. The prime victims are the younger generation, who do not refrain from using drugs of its ecstasy characteristics. There are many youngsters who are involved in illegal activities like stealing, robbery, blackmailing, etc. only to get money for more heroin.

Getting Rid Of Heroin Addiction

At present there are many centres who offer treatment programs for heroin addicts. Few of the best heroin addiction treatment in Delhi are provided by Hope Care India. Since, this is one of the most lethal drugs its treatment needs special care and planning. Most of the time the victims try giving up during the detox phase itself. Thus, the reliable and experienced treatment centres know how to tackle this phase and helps the victim overcome the addiction by offering proper detox programs with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Hope Care offers holistic treatment programs for heroin addict patients who find it difficult to come out of the addiction on their own. The centre offer customized treatment programs as they realize that each patient is different and thus require different and personalized care.

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