Data Integration Between Continuing Education Enrollment Management System

Posted by Julia Madison on August 23rd, 2017

ERP integration is the process of integrating separate, stove-pipe ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems with each other. The system can be integrated with other enterprise information resources as well. As far as the purpose of ERP integration is concerned, it is to cater to countless B2B demands. In the beginning, ERP systems, like SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, and Lawson, were built to tightly integrate processes within an enterprise. Be it planning, manufacturing or sales, all were a part of the concept. If we talk about today’s time, ERP software products now include marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance, and human resources as well. Want to know more about ERP data integration, its purpose for continuing education programs and more? Continue reading!

ERP data integration holds massive importance for the continuing education and lifelong learning industry. The changes that are taking place in the field of continuing education and lifelong learning programs call for re-evaluation of programming, marketing, sales, and operations strategies as well as techniques. There are different reasons why innumerable continuing education and lifelong learning divisions do not make use of industry-specific software. One of the most prime ones is because their IT Department demands them to operate on the same ERP software system as the rest of the institution, even if that means no online registration for continuing education and lifelong learning. To overcome issues like such in this scenario, it is better to use a more complete and seamless integration feature that allows easy interface facility with ERP and movement of data from one software system to the other. Be it of staff’s, customers’, and IT’s, diverse needs of all can be met!

Successful data integration between continuing education enrollment management system, Lumens and on-campus ERP platforms such as Oracle PeopleSoft is beneficial. Owing to the partnership, N2N's integration cloud solution, the Illuminate Platform, created Student Information System adapters for Lumens, thereby enabling institutions to continue to use their ERP platform as the system of record. Lumens cloud-based enrollment management system, in turn, increases registrations and generates additional revenues for continuing education programs. The comprehensive and extensible architecture of online continuing education or OCE allows leveraging of existing PeopleSoft technologies to make updates that an institution needs to remain current. Owing to OCE, institutions save precious resources with the use of PeopleSoft tools. OCE helps prospects register and log into the application so that they can search for and enroll in various courses. Overall, it can be said that the one-stop-shop enrollment procedure provides the prospects with a faster and more efficient experience.

Oracle PeopleSoft for continuing education is widely popular in today’s time. To learn more about PeopleSoft integration, refer to sites offering detailed knowledge on the same!

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