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Posted by Linda Share on August 23rd, 2017

It is not easy to be an artist and regardless of how talented you are you still need a safe platform that enables you to sell your work. At bitcoin art gallery artists have the possibility to become known and to display their work to a global audience. The purpose of art blockchain is to make the selling-buying process easier for the artist and the buyers.

We should start by saying that there are numerous aspects that influence the cost of an artwork. There are material costs,, marketing costs, exhibition costs, there is the wasted time and effort and there are also credit card transaction costs, bank fees and currency exchange when you want to sell your art abroad. How do you like to be able to sell your works of art without all that? This has become possible thanks to bitcoin art gallery. This art gallery provides artists a safe platform that enables them to sell their work for alternative currencies.

More and more artists are interested in accepting bitcoin as a payment in order to promote their art and increase their profit.  There is nothing strange about turning to bitcoin when selling art; this form of payment transcends language barriers and will not devaluate over time. Bitcoin offers artists the freedom they need to sell their art; it is a free currency, one without any boundaries. At bitcoin art gallery you can display your work and those who are interested in it can buy it online for a digital currency like bitcoin. You get to dictate the price you want for you art and you can benefit from the advice of a specialist in this field that will help you evaluate your art.

Why should you resort to art blockchain? Why should you accept bitcoin as a form of payment? Because it does not have any banking fees and it enables you to internationalize your work. There is no surprise that artists have embraced the use of bitcoin. The bitcoin value remains the same all the time and this is definitely an advantage. With bitcoin there are no geographical boundaries, and artwork is easier to move. Furthermore, we should emphasize the fact that artists have the possibility to interact directly with their buyers and thus the buying-selling process becomes more personal.

Moving on, art blockchain is highly versatile and blockchain has had a significant impact on the art industry. The current system of transferring fine art is quite difficult and it makes it almost impossible to track the movement of items. Most of the transaction records are paper based and this means that they can be altered, destroyed or stolen easily. The advantage of art blockchain is that it provides a bulletproof database of ownership. More and more organizations resort to this technology in order to issue certificates of authenticity.

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