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Posted by AAFT School of Advertising, PR & Events on August 23rd, 2017

Advertising is a versatile field both in terms of employment and as a subject of study. There exist numerous advertising courses in India offered through degree, diploma and certificate programs. The decision to join a particular advertising program may create uncertainty in the minds of some students when faced with multiple options. Let us first look at the type of career you want to pursue in the fast-paced advertising industry.

When we talk about advertising job profiles, there is front-end position which is responsible for client interaction, pitching campaigns and negotiating contracts; then there is advertising research and planning where strategy formulations take place to meet the campaign objectives; and last but not the least, there is a creative profile which oversees the entire process based on the campaign requirements, and most importantly creates advertisements.

Let us consider these profiles in details. The first would be Business Development Executive, which is a sales profile. You are required to have exceptional convincing and negotiation skills. If you have previous work experience relevant to business development, it would be easy to score a job for this position.

The second mentioned profile is that of an Advertising Manager or Key Account Manager. While most advertising jobs require Bachelor's degree, the managerial positions offer good opportunity to enter the advertising industry if you are a graduate with specialization in marketing communications, management, and/or economics.

The next profile is that of Art Director or Creative Designer. If a job in designing creatives for the advertisement campaigns across print, television or internet is what interests you, you may have to consider joining art, graphics and computer design courses.

With integrated marketing communications gaining momentum in the digital era, designing a strategic message packaged in an interesting story is the need of the hour. Advertising allows you to create unique, appealing and memorable designs with clear message that gives end-customer an opportunity to look at the company and its product from a unique perspective.

AAFT School of Advertising, PR and Events is one of the top schools of advertising in Delhi NCR that offers post-graduate degree course in Advertising and Brand Communication. Diploma courses of one year duration are also provided in this specialized field. AAFT gives a comprehensive overview of the advertising industry to students through case studies, workshops, and industry interaction with experts along with the essential classroom study in consumer behavior, communications theory, strategic campaigning and other important subjects. If you wish to start up your consultancy and design unit, and not work for some advertising agency, you may consider joining AAFT for a good head-start.

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