PILAEO Starts New Display Of Upscale Mens Blazers

Posted by Donald Hood on August 24th, 2017

1888 PressRelease - A new display of upscale, creative blazers pushes mens fashion forward at PILAEO.

Displaying a new level of style and creativity in fashion for men, PILAEO is adding a new lineup of upscale mens blazers that ranges in patterns and prints that are enticingly attractive. PILAEO and sleek blazers that are unique and modern are one in the same, with a reputation for releasing creative, cool luxury mens blazers.

The new lineup specifically focuses on creativity in a more outspoken and art-centric way with blazers that range from gold, embroidered covered sleeves, and even multi-color paint splatter, and floral designs, for the gentleman who wants to show charm and charisma through style.

The upscale blazers are made with materials that stop not just at cotton, but velvet, and even a unique polyester and wool blend. The blazer lineup signifies how essential fashion for men can be used alongside the creativity of innovative fashion artists to usher in a mens fashion apparel, in a technologically fueled era.


Designs that challenge the strict realm of mens style are met with a slew of vibrant, and even controversial designs in the lineup from PILAEO. High end versatile blazers means that modern mens fashion allows men to be more equipped for an era where global style trends are easily mimicked and even diluted to tailor a level of standard fashion consumer.

The one way to push mens fashion forward is through designs that don't have a high level of restraint in the freedom of creativity used when making the blazer. The new blazer display at PILAEO is an example of luxury designers crafting dapper fashion, just as they intended - modern, creative, and even controversially artistic.


Traditionally, gentlemen have gone to tailors for custom fits of jackets, but with an interesting and highly effective height/weight measurement graph, precise measurements for case by case fitting is as reliable as ever.

The blazer designs are available at http://www.pilaeo.com/shop-mens/212917212/mens-fashion/blazers-for-men-c-98923982.html the PILAEO Blazers selection.


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