The operation instructions of converter furnace tap hole

Posted by annesheldon on August 24th, 2017

1.The maintenance standard of tap hole

Please ensure there is no deformation of the tap hole and meets the requirement of slag stopping. Tap hole brick should be horizontal and its shape should be round.
The diameter of tap hole should be less than 140mm, the length should be more than 400mm. Tapping time should be more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, or it should be replaced.

2.The maintenance operation of tap hole
Before removing tap hole after using, use ring rolling machine to clean out the remaining sleeve and slags, if there is steel remaining, use oxygen lance.
Place the precasted tap hole bricks in from the outside, seal the outer gaps with filling material, after the filling material combined and beding hard, level the convertor, fill the inner gap with diluted Martin sand. Inner mouth should be slightly concave, after sintering for 5 mintues the convertor can be lifted.

3.Other matters need attention

The remaining steel and slad on the tap hole coat should be removed before changing shifts.
The remaining steel at the outer mouth of tap hole should be removed after each tapping.
Please ensure the shape of tap hole is round during using.

4.Make log sheet.

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Article Source:The operation instructions of converter furnace tap hole
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