Waterless offset printing-The Fool-proof printing

Posted by kenny1993 on August 24th, 2017

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of printing ink technology and equipment digitization, also printing plate formula, waterless offset printing had been rapid developing, even with the essential change. But in China, especially in packaging and printing companies, there is little understanding of waterless offset printing, and very rare in carrying out waterless offset printing. In fact, waterless offset printing operation is simple which on the premise of environmental conditions guarantee, equipment accuracy, and ink characteristics, can be likened to Fool-proof offset printing.   

What is the basic of Fool-proof operation?

The so-called "waterless" offset printing is relative to the traditional "wet" offset printing.

Traditional offset printing is copying image-text through the principle that oil (ink) and water (dampening liquid) are insoluble in the printing machine. However, it is difficult and complex to deal with the relative balance of two liquids on printing press, and it is difficult to guaranteeing the quality stability of the continuous printing. In addition, the dampening liquid repels the ink is relative while printing process, and the result is that partial liquid after pollution can stay in the equipment and pollute the environment.

And for waterless offset printing, it repels ink by silicone oil coating, do not need dampening liquid, do not use water, alcohol or alcohol liquid, is a green printing technology, also excellent printing.

Easy operation, there is the environmental protection behind         

Waterless offset printing is without the usage of alcohol and other solvents, no water hopper device, so no need wastewater treatment, no pollution to headwaters. Reducing or eliminating the application of solvents and chemicals when making process of waterless offset printing edition, less emission of VOCs. Relative to water offset printing, the noise of waterless offset printing machine is also relatively lower.

How about the quality?          

Waterless offset printing with high resolution is suitable for small dots and random FM screening printing. In addition, because there is no dampening liquid, dots augmenting and abating, color density increasing, and overprinting are easier. Waterless offset printing also increases color space, the color is more rich and bold. Consistent of ink density, cannot be affected by the printing speed, and the printing color will no changed in print concentration basically.

Fool's operation, but not fool          

Waterless offset printing no need dampening liquid, dampening water hopper and water bucket roller system, so reduces the cost of printing.         

Without adjusting the balance between ink and water, the preparation time can be saved and the production efficiency can be improved.         

Overprinting and color difference are easy to control and reduce waste during production.

The quality is continuous and stable, and the design requirements can be achieved in a short time after starting the machine, and the paper consumption is reduced.          

The simple structure equipment is convenient for operation, no need operators training, can be operating quickly and conveniently.

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