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Interesting Facts about Pint Glass Koozies

Posted by logoit on August 24th, 2017

A Koozie is a foam or fabric sleeve slipped on to the glasses, bottles or growlers for insulating these containers in which liquids are stored. The other popular names of koozies are cooler, beer sleeve, coozie, stubby holder, beer hugger and koolie. Though clouds of confusions surround the exact history of koozies, they seem to have risen into popularity in the year 1982. The prime purpose of koozies is to hold cans or glasses containing beer, coffee, soft drinks and cold drinks. Here are some interesting facts about Pint Glass Koozies.

The popularity of koozies
Since koozies are very popular products among people, these days a large number of people get koozies custom designed for distributing as gifts to the participants during weddings, anniversaries and special events. It is very easy to customize the material, colors and the content printed on the koozies. Therefore they are popularly used as giveaways during product promotion campaigns run by businesses. Collecting kooizes is a favorite hobby for a good number of people. They do not like to miss out an opportunity to gather the koozies distributed during events and product promotion campaigns. Therefore kooizes have also become a popular medium for advertising a business or a brand or a product.

Uses of Koozies
The first purpose of koozies is to maintain the temperature of the contents of cans and glasses. When you hold a glass with the koozie on it, your fingers gain a fine grip over the glass. Therefore there are fewer chances for you to slip it down while handling. Also, during condensation of the cold liquids stored in the containers, the glass becomes wet and you would find it difficult to handle it without koozies on them. When you store hot contents in the glasses, koozies prevent your fingers from getting a hot shock. With the koozies on, it is very easy to carry the glasses. Studies show that koozies can help maintain the temperature of the contents for about 40 minutes. Koozies are popular gift items and highly sought after collectibles.

The famous marketing tool
These days no other product is as popular as pint glass koozies or growler koozies when it comes to promotional products. Koozies come in a variety of materials and colors that can be customized as per the needs of the business. You can decide the color of the koozie depending on the color of your logo. You can plan the koozie color so creatively to talk of a theme related to your business or product. They are light weighted and easy to store and transport. They are also highly economical when compared to the other options. Since people love them so much, they will feel happy to receive it as gifts and promotional products. Therefore, there is no other effective way of promoting a brand or sales. We specialize in pint glass koozies. We have a broad base of business customers who depend on our promotional products for fueling their marketing campaigns. Our exceptional industry knowledge and a superior customer service make us stand out as a leader of the promotional products arena.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Consumer products. Currently he is writing about how to purchase Growler Koozies and Solo Cup Koozies.

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