Women Empowerment India- Has A Long Way To Go

Posted by narisewasamiti on August 24th, 2017

Do you actually understand what empowerment for women means the world? It actually means giving equal power to women. The power to make use of their rights, protect herself from falling victim to any harassment, physical abuse and sexual assault and also the power to stand ahead in the society.

When we focus on women empowerment India; it has a long way to go. Because women here are treated very brutally both in and out of their home. Working women are also facing severe harassment which needs wants diverse actions. The women’s empowerment is actually an ability to exercise complete control over the actions taken. A lot has been done by the people in India from the day the country has achieved the independence. But the fact is that Indian women have a long way to go to get empowered.

In the country, the women constitute of about 52 percent of the total population. When we focus on the history of our country; it has been acknowledged that there are many powerful women who have devoted their life to the country. Many prime minister and chief ministers are a good example. But today’s fact is that women here are still helpless and facing a lot at home, society and country level. There is a huge crowd of women who are under the poverty line and unable to access good educational facilities, unable to achieve a minimum lifestyle and also facing problems in attaining financial independence.

Though, the time has changed, will change and are on the verge of changing many things. One can acknowledge the change by focusing on the basic alteration made in the life of women. Yes! The fact is that the roles and responsibilities of women have changed with the passage of time in the Indian society. From the year 1970 to 1990, You will find a major shift in the policy, development of women and their empowerment.

Though the government truly understand that the value of empowerment yet it does not focus on the equality with the men partners. But, Yes! There are many programs that are running nationwide with the purpose to spread awareness and capacity to build greater participation in the society. The aim of such programmes is to educate women, help them in making an effective decision with complete control that results in fruitful action. Creating awareness about the education and occupation among the women helps in the upliftment of the family and society.

Emphasizing on the rural and urban women, you will find a great difference between them. As compared to rural one, urban women are educated, independent, smart and are financially strong but the rural women lack these qualities and they face a lot in their life.
In the rural areas, most women are deprived of the basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, health and education. While urban women are not that much empowered but as compared to the rural one they are living a better life. But, they too are facing problems both at home-front and workplace. You might have acknowledged the growing trend of rape, harassment at workplace and domestic violence which need to be resolved for the betterment of society. So, let’s focus on improving the condition of the women and help them lead a good life.

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