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Why your dog is better with filtered water from water club

Posted by jeenniwill on August 24th, 2017

There has always been a conspiracy regarding the safety of tap water for consumption. The dog owners have the same concern for their pets. However, when we talk about water from water club, we mean water filter purifier.  This filtered water is therefore very safe for consumption.

According to a study conducted by Dr.Lorraine Backer, tap water is completely safe. Tap water, therefore, is not responsible for bladder cancer in dogs. 

There is also a reason behind it being healthy. Tap water can sit in their bowls for a long time. This implies that harmful chemicals have time to escape. Moreover, since a dog's digestive system is different than humans, the resulting chemicals produced are also not same. This does not mean dirty tap water is also safe for dogs. Again by tap water, we only mean best water filter from the water club.

However, it is sad that many pet owners are still using bottled water. They are not ready to make a change.

K9 Water Company adds vitamins and flavors to water to make it drinkable. The flavors include Toilet water, Hose water, Puddle Water and Gutter water. On top of this a four pack costs .50, 12-pack , and 24-pack costs . Filtered water from the water club hardly costs this much.

K9 Water Company is just one example. Most of the bottled companies have been accused of using the normal unfiltered tap water.

Five reasons why drinking walter filter from water club is better

Firstly it helps retain as much as is healthy and required. Other than retaining, it also removes harmful tap water contaminants.

Secondly, it can reduce up to 91% carbon contaminants. These carbon contaminants can cause many heath related issues. The process of filtration, therefore, makes tap water safe.

Thirdly filtered water is thought to have less chlorine. Drinking chlorinated water is just like drinking water from the toilet. Research shows the longer the water sits, the more chemicals produced. Filtration, there filters out a lot of dangerous chemicals in no time.

Cold filtered water is in fact consideredhealthy. The smile on a dog’s face when the water is cooled is enough reason to pour from the water club. Water club offers you both hot and cooled water.The misconception that cold water and ice can lead to life threatening bloating in dogs has been proven wrong.  In fact, an article by Patty Khhuly even lists advantages of drinking cold water. Filtered cold water is therefore pretty good for dogs

Lastly and most importantly way less than the bottled water. No doubt there are companies adding essential vitamins to the tap water, but they are just a few. Most bottled companies are proven to lie. All they are selling is unfiltered tap water. These bottles that add to the trash too have been declared dangerous by all safety authorizes. They are just wasting our precious resources.

If you want to pamper your dog and ensure it gets the cleanest water, filtered water is your choice.

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